What Does -2 Mean in Betting Odds?

Odds are one of the most crucial aspects of any wager. Uncovering the meaning of odds can prove quite challenging. So, let’s begin by taking a quick look at what odds are and why you need to know what they mean in relation to your wagers.

Odds Define The Relationship Between The Price Of A Bet And The Chance Of Winning

The price of a bet defines the odds in favor of the winning side. For example, if you wager one dollar on a sports match and the price at the open is 3.00, your odds of winning are 33/100 – that is, you have a one in three chance of winning. (1 dollar x 3 odds = $3.00 won) If you lose your bet, you will only receive back the amount you bet plus whatever money you won by exploiting the other team’s mistakes (i.e. cheating).

On the other hand, if the price is closer to evens, your odds of winning are lower. For example, if the price is 2.00, your odds of winning are only 16.67/100 – that is, you have a one in four chance of winning.

When stating the price of a bet, bookmakers and laypeople alike frequently use different measurements such as ‘point spreads’ or ‘margin of victory’. While they may mean the same thing (the difference in price between the two teams), they are used for different purposes; ‘points’ are used when comparing two teams’ scores while ‘margins’ are used to define the amount of money won/lost by one team.

As you can see, the price and odds of a wager are connected. When you increase your odds of winning by exploiting a mistake on the part of the opposing team, you decrease the price – at least, according to basic mathematical probability. This is why you must always ensure that your odds are in your favor if you choose to wager, especially if you make larger bets (i.e. bets involving more than a few dollars).

The ‘Odds’ Label May Be Confusing

Many people are unfamiliar with the term ‘odds’, and as a result they may assume that they are conversing with someone who is also unfamiliar with the term. This is why it’s important to always ensure that you are referring to ‘odds’ and not some other form of measurement such as ‘point spreads’ or ‘money line’. One of the biggest culprits of this problem are daily fantasy sports sites, which do their best to confuse their users by frequently using the term ‘odds’ when referring to wagers.

Odds Can Have Unexpected Consequences

If you aren’t careful, your winnings from one wager can have unexpected consequences in another. For example, if you wager $10 on a roulette spin and win, you will immediately have $10 to spend in the subsequent spin. However, if you wager the same amount on the same roulette table and lose, your net wager will be zero dollars.

This is because when you lose, the casino has the right to void your previous wins and apply them to your losses. Therefore, it’s essential that you watch out for this possibility when you are conducting your wallet wagers (wagers involving smaller amounts of money). You can also avoid this issue by splitting your wagers into different accounts so that each one has its own set of wins and losses.

Why Learn About Odds?

Odds can be a difficult concept to understand, and it’s best to approach it from as many different perspectives as possible so that you can fully grasp it. One of the best ways of understanding odds is by remembering that they are essentially measuring the relationship between the price of a bet and the chance of winning. (As discussed above) Not only does this create a clearer picture in your head, but it also allows you to think about odds in terms of a specific scenario – in this case, the scenario being the price of a bet relative to the chance of winning.

To create a scenario, you need to start by closing your eyes and imagining that you have just placed a bet. To do this, place your left index finger on the inside corner of your right eye and your right index finger on the inside corner of your left eye. Now pinch your fingers together firmly but gently – this will help you in your quest to mentally ‘travel’ to the place where your fingers are pinching together. In this place, you will be able to clearly visualize everything that is occurring, as though you were really there in person.

When you are in this place, you will be able to clearly see all of the aspects of a wager that are usually obscured by the actual gambling activity. You will see the amount of the wager, the name of the game, the location of the casino, and you will be able to follow the action as though you were really there. This is because the human brain is able to ‘fuse’ these images together into a single mental picture – in this case, the scenario is simply the mental picture of you at the casino with your fingers pinching together.

As discussed above, when you bet on a sports team, your odds of winning will impact the price. Just remember that this isn’t always the case – there are times when the outcome of a game has no impact on the price. For example, if you bet on a coin flip (i.e. a head or tails wager), the price will be the same, regardless of whether you won or lost the toss. To understand why, you need to know that there is no skill involved in flipping a coin; it’s simply a matter of luck.

Preparing For The Next Bet

Once you have traveled to the place where your fingers are pinching together, you should be prepared to make another bet or take another trip – in this case, it’s a matter of either/or. To make the next bet, you will firstly need to open your eyes and return to the real world. Once you have, you can pinch your fingers together again and mentally prepare for the next bet – or take another trip if you came from a different place than before. It’s important to note that this is more than a little bit tricky to do, and it takes a lot of practice so that you can become adept at it. If you find that this is too much effort for a one-time use only, you should consider investing in a pair of reading glasses so that you can prepare for the next bet by simply closing your eyes and pinching your fingers together – this will save you the considerable amount of time and mental effort that is required to actually visualize the scene from the other place.

The Bottom Line

In order to bet with confidence, you need to know what your odds are. It’s best to develop a clear picture in your mind of what the odds are in your favor so that you can place confidence-inspiring wagers in the future. Odds can be difficult to understand, especially when they aren’t measured in an easily comparable manner to what you are familiar with (i.e. dollars and cents). To make matters worse, some casinos and online sportsbooks were designed with less than perfect UI/UX, which makes interpreting the odds even more challenging. Fortunately, with some practice and ingenuity, you can fully comprehend and utilize the odds that await you – just remember to keep your eyes open while you are there so that you don’t miss a thing!