What Does -2000 to +900 Betting Mean?

The 2000-to-900 betting range represents the price difference between now and the closing price of a share on the Toronto Stock Exchange on the day you wager. So what does this mean for the average sports fan? Let’s have a look.

Understanding The Odds

If you’re new to the world of sports betting, odds can be a little tough to grasp. When you’re reading sportsbooks or checking out online odds from bookmakers, it can be hard to know what the actual numbers are. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to help you understand the nuts and bolts of betting odds. It covers all the basics and then some.

The Basics Of Odds

You might be familiar with odds if you’ve ever placed a bet before. When you make a wager on a sporting event, you’re actually placing a bet on the number of goals that will be scored in the match. So if you wager on the Miami Heat and they win the game 3-2, you win because the odds were 3-2 in your favor. That’s how odds work in general. Here are some more specifics you should know:

What Are The Odds Of An Event Happening?

When you place a wager on a sporting event, you’re actually placing a bet on whether or not the event will happen. That’s important to keep in mind because the odds will always be in favor of the home team. For example, let’s say the Winnipeg Jets are playing the Chicago Blackhawks. The odds of the Jets winning the game is 11-4 (you’ll notice we use the letter “W” to represent Winnipeg and the letter “C” to represent Chicago). Even if you went to the arena and saw the Jets losing the game 7-3, you’d still win because the odds of the game were 11-4 in favor of the Jets.

This can be a bit confusing because people often think that the odds will change if they observe something crazy happening during the game. For example, let’s say the officials are blown away by how talented the players are and they call a game that’s so one-sided that the bookies have to ration bets. In that case, people might think that the odds would’ve changed because the game was so lopsided in favor of one team.

What Are The Odds Of A Repeat Performance?

If you place a wager on a sporting event and the outcome is anything like what you’re expecting, you’ll have no trouble figuring out the odds of a repeat performance. For example, if you backed the San Francisco 49ers and they win the Super Bowl, the odds of them winning the next year’s Super Bowl will be 100-1. If you bet on the Chicago Bears and they win the Super Bowl, the odds of them winning the next year’s Super Bowl will be 8-1. It’s simple because you know what you’re betting on.

However, if the team you support doesn’t win and you’re hoping for a repeat performance, things get a little more complicated. Let’s say the Detroit Lions win the Super Bowl this year but you want to bet on the San Francisco 49ers in the next year’s Super Bowl. In that case, you’d have to go to the betting exchange and change your bet. You’d say, “I want to bet on the San Francisco 49ers in the next year’s Super Bowl.” Then theoddsmaker would look at your bet and say, “OK, here’s what I’ll do for you. I’ll lay 10-1 on the Lions, which is the current line, but I’ll move the line to 9-1 on the 49ers. Is that what you want?” You’d say, “Yes, that’s fine.” Then he’d move your line to 9-1 and that would be that.

As you can see, in order to get the most out of your wagers on sporting events, it’s important to keep things simple. Sure, you can get intricate and analyze the strategies of the different teams and try to figure out which ones are most likely to score next. However, if you take the time to do that, you’re likely to lose a lot of money because the lines will move to favor the home teams and it will be hard to get a good feel for what the odds actually are.

Which Sport Is Best For Learning How To Bet?

There are so many sports to choose from when it comes to betting. It’s important to find one that is easy to understand and that you’ll have the chance to practice with. Most sportsbooks offer a demo account that you can use to practice with, so you don’t have to risk any of your own money to find out what betting is all about. Just make sure to use a demo account responsibly, and don’t expect it to replace your real money. That will never happen anyway because once you’re approved for a real account, the odds will always be against you.

Some people prefer to research and analyze the stats and figures before placing a wager. For those people, the NBA probably isn’t the best choice because there aren’t that many stats to work with. The same thing can be said for the MLB and the NHL. The odds are usually in favor of the home teams in those sports as well, so you’ll always have the opportunity to lose money there as well. For those looking for an easier way to wager, the NCAA basketball tournament offers some great odds because there are so many games on during the month of March. You’ll also have the chance to make a lot of money because the odds will always be in your favor.

Which Sport Has The Greatest Number Of Overtimes?

If you’re looking for a sport that has the greatest number of overtimes, you’ll have to look no further than the NFL. There are lots of one-pass-wonders in the league and the games are often close. With a little bit of luck, your team could go all the way and win the Super Bowl. However, if you want to make sure you win your wager, you’ll have to study the odds carefully because it’s very easy for them to shift in favor of the home team. Just remember: never bet on a game that has extra time in it because there’s always something that can happen during the additional periods of time.

Even though you’ll have to do some study before placing a wager, all of this isn’t to suggest that you shouldn’t go ahead and place your wagers on games you’re passionate about. Just make sure to practice with games that you know how to handle and that you can watch without getting too emotionally attached to the outcome. If you can do that, then you’ve got a great chance at winning some money. Just be sure to do your research before hand and know what the odds are so you’ll be prepared for the shifts that the bookies might make unexpectedly.