How to Find the Odds of Every Bet in Sports

Odds (also known as betting odds, betting spreads, or underdog odds) are an essential part of any sports bettor’s toolbox. They can help make or break your bankroll. Despite what some people may tell you, you will not always need to place a wager to calculate the odds of something. There are many cases where you can use the standard formula:

Odds = (Probability of Betting On Event x 2) / (Probability of Betting Against Event x 1) + 1

For example, if you think there is a 50% chance that the New York Rangers will beat the Ottawa Senators in the next game, you can use this formula to figure out the odds of the Rangers winning:

Odds of winning = (0.5 x 2) / (0.5 x 1) + 1 = 1.4

In this case, the 4 denotes that the bettor is opting for a 4-fold or four-handed split. If you are not sure which number to use, it’s best to use the multiples of 10 as a guide. Going over ten does not change the odds significantly.

Why Are Odds Important to Know and What Do They Mean?

If you are not familiar, sports betting is when individuals wager on the outcome of a sporting event. If you are placing a wager, then the odds are always a major factor to consider. The lower the odds, the more likely you will win your bet. Conversely, the higher the odds, the less likely you will win.

A few examples are in order. Let’s say you are backing the underdogs in the NFL and you decide to wager $100 on the New York Giants. If you search for the odds on Giants -2, then you will find the following:

Giants -2 <-Symbol for the New York Giants football team
Odds of winning = (0.5 x 2) / (0.5 x 1) + 1 = 1.4
Odds of loosing = (0.5 x 1) / (0.5 x 2) + 1 = 1.6

The -2 denotes that you are going against the point spread in this case. In other words, the New York Giants are favored to win by 2 points. If you search for the odds on the over/under, you will also find an indication of whether the team is favored or not.

The True Meaning of Odds

If you follow these simple instructions, then you can determine the odds of anything you want to bet on. It is important to know that these numbers do not mean much by themselves. You are supposed to apply your own meaning to them.

For example, if you have followed all of the steps correctly and your search for NY Giants -2 yields the following result:

Giants -2 <-Symbol for the New York Giants football team
Odds of winning = (0.5 x 2) / (0.5 x 1) + 1 = 1.4
Odds of loosing = (0.5 x 1) / (0.5 x 2) + 1 = 1.6

You can use this number to compare the strength of various teams or players, for example. You know that the New York Giants are a strong team and will be difficult to beat. However, you might not know much about the Ottawa Senators. You could also apply this number to see how much better a certain player is than the average Joe. You will get a good estimate from this number as it takes into account how much easier or harder the team is to bet on compared to the average NFL team. In other words, it is a statistical way of comparing apples to apples.

How to Find the Odds of Each Game

One of the more popular uses of odds is to find the odds of each game. Essentially, you are searching for the teams that are less popular to bet on and then you will find the odds offered by the bookmakers. When you are finished searching, you should have a list with the odds of every game. However, you need to be careful not to get scammed by fake websites that attempt to trick you into wagering cash on games that have not yet happened. You can use Google’s “” search tool to verify the legitimacy of a website before laying down your hard-earned cash.

For example, if you search for the NFL odds, you will see the following results:

NFL odds <-Symbol for the National Football League
Betting: Over 65.5 wins
Probability of winning = (0.5 x 11) / (0.5 x 1) + 1 = 11.7

The True Meaning of Over/Under

Another popular use of odds is to compare the betting odds for an over/under. In other words, if you want to wager whether a certain player will reach or surpass a certain statistical milestone, then you can use the odds to determine the likelihood of that happening. For example, if you want to bet on whether or not Emmanuel Sanders will break the 100 yard dash record, then you would use the odds to find out whether or not he has a good chance at breaking the record.

Over/unders are usually represented by the oddsmaker’s symbol, which is + or – next to a scoring figure. For example, if you search for the odds on the over/under for the Super Bowl, you will find the following:

Over/Under <-Symbol for the Super Bowl
Odds of winning = (0.5 x 2) / (0.5 x 1) + 1 = 1.4
Odds of loosing = (0.5 x 1) / (0.5 x 2) + 1 = 1.6

In this case, you are wagering whether the total number of points scored by both teams will be greater than or less than 15. If you are not sure which number to use, it is best to use the multiples of 10 as a guide. Going over ten does not change the odds significantly.

How to Find the Trends in Each Sport

One last type of odds you may encounter is the betting trends. These numbers can be somewhat tricky to track down, but you can do so by using various websites that track baseball, basketball, and hockey trends. For example, you can use the Unibet Sports Trends for hockey and the Odds Shark sports trends for baseball and basketball. You can input the games you want to check and then click the search button to find the trends for those particular sports.

Keep in mind that these numbers fluctuate frequently and it is important to check them often. Some people believe that you should not use these numbers when placing a wager, but the truth is that they can be quite beneficial. Knowing the trends can give you an idea of what is going on in the betting world for your particular sport. For example, if you are following the NBA then you know that the Portland Trail Blazers are an above-average team and you can also get an idea of whether or not they are a good bet for your money.

These numbers take some time to figure out and require a certain level of expertise, but once you do, you can use them to your advantage. Just remember that you should not place a wager based solely on these numbers. You should use them as a guide and apply your own analysis.