What Does +3 Mean in Betting?

The meaning of +3 varies from person to person, but it always refers to the over/under combined total of the first three innings. When the bet is made on a baseball game, the +3 is added to the total amount of runs scored in the first three innings. In a football game, the +3 applies to the first three quarters; in a basketball game, it refers to the first three periods. In a tennis match, the +3 applies to the first three sets; in a golf match, it’s been known to apply to the first nine holes.

Why Would You Use It?

There are several situations where using the +3 in your betting could be beneficial. If you’re playing against a player who is known for coming back from deficits and winning games, you may want to stack the odds of the game in your favor by utilizing this betting strategy.

When Do you Use It?

While there is no specific time to use the +3 in baseball, you generally want to avoid using it in football, basketball, and hockey, as these sports generally have a small number of minutes in the first three innings. In order to reap the benefits of the strategy, you will need to make your bet before the fourth inning begins in any of these sports.

How Many Innings Should You Use?

For baseball, it’s always been considered best practice to use the first three innings as the basis for your wager. Using three or more innings ensures that your guess at least has a chance to be correct. But if you’re playing a quick game and can only watch a few innings, you could still benefit from utilizing this strategy by using the first two innings instead.

For a long football game or a hockey game, using the first three innings as the basis of your bet makes complete sense. As noted above, this limits the impact that the +3 will have in the latter part of the game, so you may not want to use it in those situations anyway.

For a basketball game or a golf match, using the first three quarters or sets as the basis for your bet makes sense. Again, this limits the impact of the +3 in the latter part of the game, so there is little reason to use it in those situations anyway.

How Does The +3 Work?

The +3 is a combination bet designed to combine multiple bets into one. If you’re new to sports betting, this strategy may seem confusing at first. But here’s the basic idea: you’re making several smaller wagers against the spread, but you want to combine them all into one big wager. For example, if you bet $10 on the Chiefs plus 3 points, and then another $10 on the Raiders minus 3 points, you would win $20 if the Chiefs win by more than three points, even though you didn’t actually make a wager on the game’s final score.

Why use the +3? It offers several advantages. First of all, you’re diversifying your risk by spreading it among several smaller bets. Second, you’re keeping within a team’s general spread, which limits the number of points you have to watch (or worry about). Third, you’re combining different sports, so you’re not restricted to just one or two teams, like you would be if you just made regular bets on each game.

When Can You Use The +3?

While there is no specific time when you can use the +3 in baseball, you always want to make sure that you do so before the fourth inning in any game. If you use it after the fourth inning, it will limit the effectiveness of the betting strategy. Also, you want to avoid using the +3 in a hockey game if the puck is still in bounds at the three-minute mark of the third period.

What If Your Team Wins Inning Four Or Five?

Depending on the length of the game and the betting limit, you may not want to use the +3 if your team wins the first three innings. If the game goes into extra innings, you can always adjust your wager to avoid having to cover the +3.

For example, if you bet $10 on the Giants in the fourth inning and they win by one run, you win $20 (one run equals one game). So if you were betting the maximum allowed, you would have covered the +3. But if the game continues past the fifth inning and the Giants win by one run, you would have doubled up on your losing wager (for a total of $40). In this case, it may be beneficial to cut your losses and move on, even though you’re technically ‘right’ on the +3.

When Can You Use It In A Handicap Game?

If you’re playing a poker style game, you can use the +3 in a handicap game. For example, if you’re playing Texas Hold’em and there is a three-way tie at the end of the third inning, you can use the +3 to break the tie and make your wager official.

Some casinos will even allow you to make an educated guess as to the total number of runs a team will score in a game, given the score at the beginning of the fourth inning. If you’re a fan of sports, this can be a great way to make sure you get your money’s worth.

When Is It Best To Use The +3?

The best time to use the +3 in baseball is when playing against a player known for coming back from deficits. The reason is that this strategy combines multiple smaller wagers, each of which you want to hit. So if the betting limits permit, you may want to use the +3 in these instances so that you can stack the odds of the game in your favor.

Why play the underdog game when you can stack the deck? It can be a great way to gain an edge when playing against a presumed weaker opponent. And since the combined total of your smaller wagers is always within arm’s reach of your enemy, it may keep them from detecting your strategy, at least for a while.

But this strategy should only be used as a supplement to, not a substitute for, proper sports gambling technique. If you adhere to the basic guidelines of betting, you will always succeed in placing profitable wagers. Just remember to use common sense and stay away from scams.

The +3 Is One Of The Most Popular Combination Bets.

The +3 is a popular betting strategy for several reasons. For one thing, it’s easy to understand. Also, it’s relatively easy for a novice to place winning bets using it. Some people may also find it entertaining to bet on baseball, given the game’s long breaks between innings and close attention that is often focused on the plate. Additionally, the +3 provides an opportunity to bet on a game that is still close throughout, which many people may find exciting. Finally, many people like to bet with ‘doubles’ or ‘triples’ because the latter are often the result of well-executed strategies like the +3.