How Does 3u Mean in Betting?

You walk into a bookmaker’s and the first thing that may pop up is probably a question about 3u. Why? Because in North America, Europe, and Australia especially, 3u is the umbrella term for the sportsbook, casino, and poker divisions of Unibet. In fact, if your main sport is golf, you may even see 3u as a synonym for golfbook. But what does 3u stand for? Let’s explore.

What Is Unibet?

You may be familiar with Paddy Power or William Hill, the UK’s largest bookmakers. If not, you may know them as brands that specialize in odds and betting comparisons rather than providing an experience on their own. Unibet is their luxury brand aimed at high-rolling gamblers and sports enthusiasts, and while it may not be as well-known as its bigger brothers, it is a popular choice with the European middle class and wealthy. The company is based in Dublin but has offices around the world, including the UK, and its profits are shared between shareholders and the Irish state.

Three U’s, Really?

So, back to the question at hand. What does 3u mean? Well, as we established, Unibet is made up of the UK’s Paddies, Dutchmen, and Aussies, and the term 3u is used in reference to the parts of Unibet that cater to each respective nation. In the case of the UK, 3u stands for Unibet UK, the company’s UK-based operation; in the case of the Aussies, it stands for Unibet Australia, and the same goes for the Netherlands. In other words, 3u is a shortened form of Unibet, but since each part of the business has a name that is shorter than the whole, it is referred to by the acronym, 3u.

An Irish State-Owned Business

In a nutshell, Unibet is an Irish state-owned business. Like many other big businesses in Ireland, Unibet was faced with a significant economic downturn in the mid-2000s. After years of heavy investment in Ireland, the country’s economy was hit hard by the global financial crisis of 2008. The bookmaker had to cut costs to stay in business, and one of the first things they did was to sell assets off to save money. Some of the businesses they sold include race days, sportsbooks, and poker rooms. The company is still privately owned but is partially supported by the Irish government.

The Growth Of Unibet

Since becoming an independent company, Unibet has seen unprecedented growth. According to Bloomberg, the business grew at an annual rate of 30% between 2010 and 2014. During that time, the business expanded from 2 to 3 million euros in revenue per month to 7 to 9 million per month, and they are now, at nearly 20 years of age, one of the biggest brands in the sector. The company claims to have 450 million registered users across its digital platforms. And while Unibet does not specify how many of these users are based in Ireland, the country’s capital is, without question, their most popular spot. Dublin is home to the company’s headquarters as well as to many of its key employees. There is also a large expatriate community working in the capital, which could explain the large user base.

The Esports Betting Market

The Esports industry is a mix of traditional sports and traditional entertainment. The combination of skill and entertainment is what draws people to watch or join esports competitions. The industry is growing at a phenomenal rate, and while it may be difficult to pinpoint exactly how much change there is in terms of dollar value, it is clear that the digital age is giving birth to a new type of entertainment. This new generation of gamers are more likely to be found across social media sites than they are in physical arenas, and it is this audience that sports betting platforms like Unibet and Paddy Power are targeting. The companies see esports as a way to retain their customers’ interest while also appealing to a younger audience.

Betting On Rugby, Cricket, And Basketball

The traditional Unibet customer, as we established above, is most likely to be found across lines of sports betting or casino, but the company does have some traditionalist in the form of its Cricket, Golf, and Horse Racing operations. These are largely found in the UK and Ireland and date back to 1922, the year cricket, golf, and horse racing first arrived in Ireland. The three sports are the pillars of Unibet’s business in the Emerald Isle, and they remain its biggest earners to this day. These days, the company only provides odds and betting comparisons for the big three sports, but it is still possible to find information on scores and even full-blown live streams if you are looking for them.

Poker And Casino

This brings us neatly to the other two parts of Unibet’s business, Poker and Casino. As the company’s name would suggest, these are the parts of their business that deal in poker and casino. If you are familiar with the games, you may know that they are both based on chance rather than skill, and this is a key tenet of Unibet’s business model. While the company has other brands aimed at different types of gamblers, such as Betspin and Slingo (for horse racing and tennis players), Poker and Casino are the brands that truly establish Unibet as a company for gamblers. In other words, if you are looking for a place to place your wagers, you will head to Poker or Casino first rather than the other way around.

An International Brand

Finally, we arrive at the most important part of this article: the brand. While other companies may be bigger and more established, it is important to remember that Unibet is a brand that stands for integrity, reliability, and quality. Just as important, the brand is international with offices around the world, including the UK, Australia, and, of course, Ireland. This means that even if you are not located in one of the company’s main hubs, you will still be able to access its services. Overall, it is fair to say that 3u is a prestigious brand within the betting industry, and if you want to keep up with the times, you should make sure that you keep up with its online platforms and social media accounts as well.