What Does 3 Way Mean in Football Betting?

For decades, the line was ‘this game will be decided by the goalie’. From Pele to Messi, the standard was always the same; keepers either make or break a game. At least, they used to. Nowadays, the situation has completely changed. Smaller teams have taken the game by the reins and begun to dominate. Scoreboards don’t lie, and it’s not hard to find statistics to back up any football fan’s opinion.

Even More Importantly, bookmakers have caught on to the new wave and begun offering more ways for punters to bet. This has led to an increasing number of football betting options, with three way bets arguably being the most popular today. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly is so special about these bets, and why they’ve become so popular in recent years.

The Rise In Popularity

To begin with, three way bets allow for some fascinating angles. When placed on a scoreless draw or a 1-1 draw, both options offer some fantastic value. If you’re looking to bet on a game with no clear-cut favourite, a three way bet allows you to get involved on the other side of the equation.

These options also allow for some great management strategies as well. If you watch the games closely, you’ll notice that on rare occasions, a team might be locked in a stalemate, with neither side able to produce the goods. Should you back one of the teams in this situation, you’ll receive a nice payout, even if the game ends in a draw. This means you’re not completely risking the game, and that some degree of skill has gone into picking your side. It probably wouldn’t hurt to add that this kind of bet is generally accepted as a safer option than taking on a favourite, as long as both teams are roughly even.

The Many Ways These Bets Can Evade The Odds

Let’s face it, when it comes to football odds, the majority of them are pretty poor. If you’re looking to place a regular bet on a game involving your favourite team, you’re almost certainly going to be worse off than if you’d simply bet on them directly. The reason for this is that bookmakers make their money off of the odds people are willing to pay them. If nobody is betting on a game, the odds will be set at their most generous level. This is why if you’re looking for a safe option, three way bets are ideal. Even if your side doesn’t perform up to par, at least your investment will be secure. Nobody is going to be betting against you.

This kind of bet is also popular because of the wide variety of games it can be applied to. If you’re looking to bet on European football, for example, you’ll have to restrict yourself to just a few options, as there aren’t that many competitions to choose from. The same goes for American football. The fact that these options can be applied to so many different leagues makes them appealing to gamblers who want to extend their betting repertoire.

One of the biggest benefits of three way bets is the fact that they can be applied to so many different sports. This means you can use them to create a spread bet, or to find some inspiration for an existing wager. For example, you could use the French league to create a ‘full spread’ bet, placing odds on all the games on a particular day. This can be a really effective way of sharpening your betting skills, and applying what you’ve learned to different situations. It’s also a safe option for those who are looking to venture into higher-risk ventures.

How Do Bookmakers Offer These Bets?

When speaking with a bookmaker, you’ll soon learn that these bets aren’t offered directly by the bookmaker himself. Instead, the responsibility of setting the odds for these games lies with a third party. This party simply has to agree to provide the odds to the bookmaker, and in return, the bookmaker will set the odds for their clients.

The interesting thing here is that this third party doesn’t actually have to be a bookmaker. They can be any entity, established or otherwise, that has an agreement with a bookmaker. This is why you’ll often see bookmakers advertise with the phrases ‘official betting partner’ or ‘licensed bookmaker’, as these brands are recognized by casinos and sportsbooks as being responsible for setting odds in their respective sports.

As long as this third party satisfies the terms of the agreement, the bookmaker can set any odds they like for these kinds of bets. One thing to keep in mind is that unlike most other sports, these odds cannot be increased or decreased. They are set and will never be changed, with the bookmaker being the only entity that can remove this right.

Even more exciting is the fact that sometimes, the terms of the agreement can be modified. For example, if the French Football Federation decides to switch to a different league, or if there’s some kind of dispute between the two parties, these kinds of bets are often subject to renegotiation. This is why it’s so important to closely watch what’s going on in the world of sport, as you never know when an opportunity to make some money can pop up.

The Final Say

Ultimately, as we’ve established, three way bets allow for some interesting opportunities. Should you decide to take the plunge, at least you’ll have the security of a winning payout, even if your team loses. As long as you keep those special bets hidden from your friends and family, you’ll continue to impress them with your genius at betting. Just make sure you don’t get too greedy, as you’ll surely lose all that money if you start trying to push the envelope too much. Then, you’ll just be an example of why people stay away from online betting in the first place. Hiding these bets from the public will keep you safe, and allow you to continue building up a cash reserve, so that one day, you can win big time on the side. Don’t forget, betting is a game of skill, and you can apply that same logic to your bankroll. Keep playing, studying, and using the tips you’ve learned here, and eventually, you’ll begin to see some results. Good luck out there.