What Does -4 Mean in Vegas Betting?

One of the most popular sports betting phrases in Las Vegas is ‘take the -4′. It basically means taking a point-spread (or a team that is -4 points) on a game. Most fans in the city are aware of what the ‘-4′ means, but might not know the exact details behind the phrase. Let’s take a closer look at what it means, how to use it, and why it is so popular in Nevada’s largest city.

It Means Advantage Betting

When a person hears ‘-4′ in Vegas sports betting, they usually think of advantage betting. Let’s take a look at this type of bet from a guy named Jack’s Point-Spread book (a term used in sports books to describe the difference between the point spread and total). In this instance, the total is 121 and the point spread is -4 so the implied advantage bet is in favor of the underdog in this case, the Kansas City Chiefs. (The implied bet is the one that isn’t actually written on the ticket, it is usually the case when the point spread is not visible on the ticket.)

History Of The Phrase ‘Take The -4′

When the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce began promoting Las Vegas as a gambling destination in the 1960s, it became popular to play favorites in sports. Since then, the phrase ‘take the -4′ has become so ingrained in the city’s vocabulary that it has transcended the sports realm and found its place in everyday life.

The phrase came into existence because, in the 1960s, most point spreads were taken literally. If a team was -4 points, bettors would put money on that team and, eventually, this became a widespread practice.

Why Do You ‘Take The -4′ In Vegas?

Let’s look at some of the reasoning behind this betting trend in Las Vegas. First, there is the fact that, historically, most point spreads have been formed where the favorite is a moderate favorite. Second, there is the fact that most fans in Nevada prefer to bet on underdog teams. (This is known as short-side betting.) Third, Las Vegas is known for its casino monopolies; there are four major gaming entities that control almost all of the betting in the city. Fourth, a lot of the city’s residents are traditionalists when it comes to sports, so they might rather watch an underdog win than an underdog lose. These are all good reasons to bet on an underdog, but it is also possible to make a calculated risk and bet on a moderate favorite – it just depends on your personal preferences.

The Shortcomings Of The +3 Point Spread

There are a few things to keep in mind when using the +3 point spread. First, this is mostly used in lower-level football and college basketball as a way to generate interest and excitement in the season’s final month. Second, this spread is generally used where there is a clear favorite. Third, using this point spread can be somewhat of a sport yahoo move since, historically, most point spreads favor the home team. And, finally, the plus spread is a relatively new addition to the sports betting lexicon and there is a good chance that it will become obsolete as the lines continue to close.

What Does The +2 Point Spread Mean?

The +2 point spread is exactly like the +3 point spread, except that the home team is favored by two points instead of three. This spread was first implemented in the NFL in the early 2000s to allow for more flexibility and, since then, it has become extremely popular. This spread can be used in a variety of sports, including football and basketball. If a team’s point spread is +2, it means they are being favored by that amount.

Usage Of The -5 Point Spread

If a team is -5 points, it means they are being favored by five points. This spread is mostly used in the NBA and Major League Baseball. The -5 point spread was first used in 1978 and has since become extremely popular due to the sport’s increasing popularity. In general, an -5 point spread is used where there is no clear favorite and the point spread is formed by a small group of bookmakers rather than large casinos. Since most NBA and MLB games are decided by small margins, it is likely that this type of betting will stay popular for a while.

The Advantages Of The 6 Point Spread

The 6 point spread is a relatively new addition to the sports betting lexicon and it was first used in the NBA in the early 2000s. The point spread in this instance is 6 points, however, the team that is receiving the advantage is determined by a variety of factors. First, the 6 point spread is used in situations where the favorite is a pick’em (draw) game. Second, the 6 point spread can be used in a variety of sports, including football, basketball, and baseball. Third, since the 6 point spread is relatively new, it has not yet become established as a standard spread and there is a good chance that the lines in Vegas will occasionally still have 6 point spreads in them.

What Does 7 Point Mean?

The 7 point spread is exactly like the 6 point spread, except that the team that is receiving the advantage is being favored by 7 points. This spread is mostly used in the NFL but it has also become popular in the NBA and Major League Baseball. For whatever reason, 7 point spreads are not nearly as common as the other point spread variations. It is unclear if this is because 7 point spreads are harder to accurately calculate or if it is just a case of the number being more popular than the word itself – take a look at the seven for example, seven sounds cool and it is easy to say, but it doesn’t necessarily mean anything other than itself. (I.e. the number seven.)

Why Are You ‘Taking The Over’ (or ‘Against’) In Certain Situations?

There are several scenarios where it is beneficial to take the over (or against) in a game. First, in a game with a large number of points, it is often times easier to get a line, or at least make a calculation, if the team you are backing is the one that is receiving the advantage. For example, if a game has 59 points, it would be extremely difficult to find an -11 point spread without using an ‘extended number’ in your odds. (An extended number, or X number, is simply odds that are not arranged in a standard decimal format. Typically, the X number is used in cases where the point spread is extremely large or small. Another scenario where an X number might be required is if there is a tie (no score) in a game where it is beneficial to have a winner. To figure out if it is beneficial to take the over in this situation, you will have to ask your sports book manager, since it depends on your personal preferences whether you want to take the over or not.

Why Are You ‘Taking The Under’ (or ‘In Favor Of’) In Certain Situations?

In a few situations, it is better to take the under (or in favor of). For example, if you are backing the Kansas City Chiefs in an NFL game and the total is under 50 points, it would be beneficial to bet on them, as the implied odds are in your favor. Or, if a game has only slightly over 50 points, it might be better to bet on the underdogs since the favorites are generally considered to be the teams that are most likely to lose. Finally, in the case of a college basketball game where the spread is very large, it is often better to bet on the underdogs since they have a better chance of pulling off an upset. Since the trend in Las Vegas is to play the favorites, this trend might continue and lead to more upsets.

How Do You Calculate The Advantage?

To calculate the advantage, you will need to look at the current odds on the favorite and determine how much you believe they will win. You will then need to determine what the point spread is and how much you believe the underdogs will win.