What Does +5.5 Mean in Betting?

The meaning of the + sign in front of a number varies from context to context. In fact, there is no standard meaning for it. That being said, there are generally two ways people will interpret it. The first is as a decimal place notation, which adds up to 5.5. Alternatively, it could mean that the number is 5.5% greater than the previous number.

Decimal Places

When reading a betting slip where the + symbol is used to denote decimal places, it would be proper to assume that the number is a dollar amount and that there are.5 cents added to the number. For example, if the amount was $100, it would be proper to assume that there are 5 cents added to it. This way, the number 100.5 means that the ticket is priced at $100.50.

Percentage Increase

When seeing a number with a + symbol in front of it, a common assumption would be that it is a percentage of something. For instance, if you were at a casino and saw the number +22.5%, you would assume that it is a percentage of your overall deposit. That being said, casino percentages can vary and there is no guarantee that every percentage will make sense in relation to your deposit.

In general, you will have to look at the casino’s website or download an app to know what percentage rate you are truly being charged and whether or not the number is reasonable in relation to your deposit.


As a last note, it is important to keep in mind the context of the situation when interpreting numbers with a decimal point or percentage. For instance, when seeing a football team’s final score, it is important to understand that this is merely an estimate of how the game went and that it could be a significantly different score than the one ultimately posted. With that being said, if you don’t mind risking a little bit of money on your favorite team, you could always place a wager on them right after the final whistle.

As for interpreting percentages, many gambling sites will only give percentages of wins and losses rather than the actual amount wagered or lost. This is particularly common when a player’s account is at a smaller size, such as a credit card company’s minimum amount or an individual’s savings.