What Does 5-7 Odds in Sports Betting Mean?

When placing a sports bet, you’ll often see odds of 5-7 or even 5-7 given. What does this mean? It refers to the payout odds for a win, when the spread is in your favor. For example, if you bet $100 on the Superbowl and the game ends in a tie, you’ll receive $140 in winnings.

This can be expressed mathematically like this:

  • If you bet $100 and the game ends in a tie, your winnings will be $140 (5 winnings rounds of $20)
  • You’ll receive $20 for every $100 you bet. This means your odds of winning are 5:7 (5+5+5+5+5+5+7=35)
  • Or, to put it another way
  • If you bet $100, you’ll earn a 35% return on your investment
  • You can also look at this another way and say you have a 50% chance of winning ($20 winnings for every $40 investment)

This may seem a little confusing to you, so let’s walk through an example using parlay cards. Assume you’re watching the Superbowl and want to lay $60 on the game. You’ll find 2-team parlay cards in the nickel and dime variety and one-team parlay cards in the quarters and dimes. To use one of these cards, you first need to determine which team you favor. For this example, let’s say you chose the Broncos because they are 4-point underdogs with a total of 17 points against the Seahawks. Next, you’ll need to figure out how much you want to wager. In this case, you’ll need to decide if you’re going to stick with the 2-team parlay card, or if you want to switch to the one-team card to maximize your odds of winning.

  • If you decide to stick with the two-team card, your total investment will be $60 (you’re going to lose $20) and you’ll earn $280 (you’ll win $20 plus your $60 loss)
  • If you decide to switch to the one-team card, your total investment will be $60 and you’ll win $100 (your $60 plus $40 from the 1st place bet on the one-team card)

This is one way of looking at things. If you want to maximize your chances of winning, you might want to consider betting on one team only, in this case the Broncos. Otherwise, if you’re hoping for a tie, you might want to stay away from these types of bets and opt for the 2-team parlay card.

How Does This Relate To The Spread?

The spread is the amount of money that the home team will win or lose against the spread. For example, if the visiting team is 4 points underdogs, the spread will be -4 (-4=11.11, rounded down to the nearest nickel). The money on the spread can be expressed as $100 to win $100 or to lose $100. If the game was close and you had a strong hunch that one team would win, you might want to use a sportsbook promo code to get 3 or 4 points added to your Vegas lineup.

This is where things get a little tricky, because as the line moves closer to the over/under, the odds of winning change. To simplify things, let’s look at these numbers in terms of percentages:

  • If the game is -4 and you back the underdog (Seahawks), your winnings will be 44.44% (5 out of 11.11)
  • If the game is -3.5 your winnings will be 40% (5 out of 12.5)
  • If the game is -3 your winnings will be 36.36% (4 out of 11.1)
  • If the game is -2.5 your winnings will be 32.32% (4 out of 12.75)
  • If the game is -2 your winnings will be 28.28% (3.5 out of 12.375)
  • If the game is -1.5 your winnings will be 24% (3 out of 12.25)
  • If the game is -1 your winnings will be 20% (2.5 out of 12.125)
  • If the game is 0 your winnings will be 0% (no winning for you in this scenario)

To calculate your winnings for these types of bets, you need to know how many ways you can win. For example, if the game is -3.5 and you bet $100, there are 12.5 ways you can win ($100 multiplied by 12.5). Your winnings must be $100 times one of these odds (5 out of 12.5), which is $60.80. If you want to maximize your winnings, you might want to avoid betting on the spread and go with the under in this case.

More About Parlay Cards

Parlay cards are great for sports betting because they provide the opportunity to make multiple wagers while taking advantage of multiple winning odds. For example, you might want to lay $20 and get a $5 credit on a football parlay card. If you bet $100 on two football games, you’ll get a $5 credit for each game. In this case, you’ll earn 10 times your original investment or $500 (5 credits x $100).

Unfortunately, parlay cards are also the source of many of sport’s most popular scams. These scams involve someone setting up a bank account with a large number of credit cards and using that account to rip off unsuspecting bettors. In one of the most famous cases, a man named Billy Baxter scammed a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey player out of $12,000. To prevent yourself from becoming a victim, be sure to only deal with reputable sportsbooks that are fully licensed by your local gaming commission and regulate by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

More About The Superbowl

The Superbowl is one of the most popular sports events in the United States and around the world. It’s one of the few sports events that people actually look forward to, since the last few games have gone into overtime more often than usual. However, even this year’s Superbowl was a close game, which required over 20 hours of gameplay. This is partly because of the large number of playoff spots up for grabs, but it’s also due to the fact that both teams have really good receivers and can quickly move the ball down the field. For all of these reasons, if you’re looking to wager on sports, the Superbowl is a must-see event.