What Does.5U Mean in Betting?

If you’re new to betting, you might be wondering what the point is. After all, you’re either winning or losing, right? But the key to a successful betting experience is understanding what.5U means.

While it might sound like common sense,.5U can be a major point-saver when it comes to sports betting. And it all has to do with the decimal point. Specifically, the 0.5, or half point symbol.

In the United States, where many sports books are based, the decimal point is used in order to round the odds of a football or baseball game to the nearest half point. So if the line is -150, the stakeholder will typically get odds of +100 (or -100) on a $100 bet. The.5U represents the rounding process, and ensures the stakeholder is always guaranteed to win or lose half their stake.

In Australia, New Zealand, and England, the decimal point is used in the same way, but with a different naming convention. So instead of using the.5U symbol, they would use an S. So for instance, the odds of -150 would be rounded to -150S (known as a Soccer bet in Australia).

Why Is It Named That Way?

The 0.5 symbol is also known as the Penny Unbelievable, as it is literally half the price of a Penny, which is why it is named that way. The symbol first appeared in Australia in the 1950s and was later adopted by the New Zealand sportsbooks and, to a lesser extent, England’s betting exchanges.

If you want to be a bit more technical, the American Association of Gaming Commissions (4A’s) sets a Ruling that the odds of a Sports event shall be rounded to the nearest half-point, so as to create a level playing field for all sports bettors.

What Does It Mean For A Bookie To “Give You The Best Odds”?

If you’re looking to get into sports betting, but aren’t sure where to start, a bookie may be an option. A bookie is essentially a sportsbook that is run by a group of individuals who make their living off bets placed on sporting events. And to bestow their clientele with the utmost confidence, a bookie will always strive to give their clients the best possible odds on every wager.

However, while they might be the best at offering the best odds, the truth is that the bookie’s edge can only be considered as pure gambling luck. Meaning, no matter what line they offer, the likelihood of the bet ending in a win or loss is always equal. The bookie makes their money off bets placed on Sports events, and while it’s certainly an alluring offer to place $100 on the Green Bay Packers and win $150, you might just as easily lose $100 as win.