What Does 50% on $250 Mean in Sports Betting?

When you make a wager on sporting events, you are inevitably presented with a daunting array of statistics. Different books make different claims about which stat is the most important, but for the most part, you will be faced with the ‘Big 4′ – goals, assists, chances created, and shots on target. Now and again, you might even come across a stat presented in such a way as to be almost meaningless, like clean sheets which are presented as a percentage rather than a simple ‘clean sheets’ statistic.

One stat that you are surely going to encounter is ‘Goals, Assists, and Points’ (GAP) in relation to a player’s performance in soccer. For those who are unfamiliar with GAP, it stands for Goals, Assists, and Points. If you’ve ever played soccer before, you will know precisely what these three numbers mean. Goals, Assists, and Points are all used to calculate a player’s total productivity in relation to their team mates.

For those who frequent our website, you will be well aware that we are big fans of Mathieu Dos Santos. We were therefore rather taken aback when we discovered that the Paris Saint-Germain midfielder had achieved what is generally considered to be a remarkable feat: in just six league games, he had managed to rack up a grand total of 45 GAP.

For those who aren’t familiar, 45 is an extremely impressive amount of productivity in such a short space of time. It is equivalent to scoring almost one goal every two games. It is not surprising, therefore, that Mathieu’s nickname is ‘The Professor’.

All of which would be intriguing enough. Unfortunately, we are not done yet. Because aside from his impressive 45 GAP, Mathieu also happens to be one of the finest value-for-money players in the entire league. As you will soon discover, the fact that he is still only 26 years old gives you even more reason to be optimistic about his future. That is a rather convenient age for a professional sports player, don’t you think?

How Does Mathieu Do It?

So how does Mathieu manage to rack up 45 GAP in just six games? Let’s have a look.

In order to maximize his productivity while minimizing his exposure to danger, Mathieu limits his attacking runs. At the same time, he is aware that he needs to maintain a high energy level if he is to pose any threat to the opposing defense. As a result of this fine balance, Mathieu has been able to avoid injuries and maintain a high level of performance.

When Mathieu does commit himself to a run, he uses a technique known as ‘dribbling’. This entails him taking a short punt forward, before starting a dribble. As he does so, he attempts to keep the ball at his feet and control it with his feet. If he can control the ball with his feet, he can dictate the pace of the game and put his opponents under pressure. This is precisely what makes Mathieu so effective, and it is also the reason why he is considered such a fine dribbler. He uses his feet and the ball to control the pace of the game, and make his opponents play his game rather than theirs.

One of the main reasons why Mathieu Dos Santos is so efficient is because of his incredible work rate. The defensive midfielder spends the entire game tracking back, working tirelessly to ensure the team maintains possession of the ball. As a result, Mathieu racks up a huge 60 plus tackles per season. It’s not just about the tackles either, because for every successful tackle, Mathieu will usually win the ball. This is largely thanks to his tireless tracking back and defensive work rate, which makes him one of the best defensive midfielders in the league. The reason he doesn’t get a lot of praise for his defensive work rate is because his team usually wins the games anyway. This means he doesn’t have to work as hard to ensure his team keeps the ball and is able to counterattack.

Speaking of counterattacks, another area of Mathieu’s game which stands out is his ability to set them up. He is considered such a good passer that some consider him to be almost like a mini-Francois Hollande in terms of his skill in organizing offensive moves. For example, let’s say the team is under pressure and needs to regroup. Rather than play it out from the back with short passes, Mathieu will often go long, taking a touch or two before hitting a long pass. This is a highly efficient way for a player to regroup and start an attack. Since the majority of his passes are long, diagonal, or near-corner kicks, it means his team mates have lots of space to run into. In the event of an opposition corner, Mathieu will often head down the right back line to start an attack. This desire to keep the ball flows through to his game; his passing, shooting, and tactical play are all focused on keeping the ball for his team. When the team does manage to attack, it is often thanks to Mathieu’s tireless efforts in organizing long passes, as he has the ball control and passing ability to set them up. This makes him one of the most valuable players in the league. Even Diego Jesus, the Paris Saint-Germain striker, has acknowledged Mathieu’s importance to his team. After the team’s 1-0 victory over Valenciennes, Diego Jesus stated, “He (Mathieu) distributes the ball well and sets up a lot of our attacks. In the past, we have sometimes lacked a creative midfielder, but with Mathieu, we have one. Without him, our attacks would not work as they do now.”

Which Type of Player Is Mathieu Do Santos?

It is a common mistake for fans to think that all elite athletes are created equal. Far from it being the case, there is a distinct hierarchy to athletic ability, with some people naturally being better than others. In fact, there are various types of players that exist, with some excelling in certain areas and others in others. This is why it is important to consider a player’s style, rather than simply looking at their stats.

There are two styles of soccer player that Mathieu Dos Santos is particularly adept at: the first is breaking down the opposition defense with his fast paced dribbling, the second is controlling the tempo of the game with his long range passing.

It is the first style which makes him such a devastating offensive force. As we have established, Mathieu’s speed and energy are such that he is able to beat his man and start an attack before the opposition even know what has happened. This type of player is often referred to as a ‘playmaker’ or a ‘creator’. Because he is so good at creating opportunities for his team mates, many consider Mathieu to be one of the best players in the entire league.

The second style which Mathieu Dos Santos excels at is controlling the tempo of the game with his long range passing. This is not a role which most soccer players are particularly suited to, simply because it requires them to play the ball a long way from goal, and that is something which almost all human beings cannot do. The reason Mathieu is so good at this is because of his exceptional vision and passing. This allows him to pick out a team mate with a perfectly placed long pass, or to take a touch and send a quick, accurate pass into the penalty area. Because of this style, Mathieu is often called upon to keep the ball for his team, and in doing so, minimize the damage inflicted upon his opponents. He is also very good at receiving the ball and starting quick attacks. This is largely thanks to his vision and passing; he has the ability to find teammates with pinpoint accurate long passes, or take a touch and send a quick, incisive pass into the penalty area. It is this second style which makes Mathieu such a valuable player; aside from his eye for a pass, he is also aware of when to break away and attack, or when to stay back.

This is a valuable combination of skills which makes Mathieu Dos Santos a joy to watch. Whether his team is playing toward a 1-0 or 3-0 scoreline, or even if the game is finely balanced, it is always going to be a treat to see Mathieu orchestrate an attack or defend his team’s goal. With 45 GAP in just six games, it is clear that Mathieu is already a great player, and it would be a real shame for his career to be prematurely ended.