What Does +500 Mean in Sports Betting?

New Market

When a sporting event or casino game ends in a tie, you’re unlikely to see either one of those things end up with a score of +500. That’s because there’s simply too much money on the line for the bookies to risk having a bet go astray. The amount of money being bet on a particular game is often referred to as the “pool size.” For instance, a $100 bet on the favorite team to win the Super Bowl would be considered a small bet, while a $5,000 bet on the underdogs would be a large bet.

So when the game ends in a draw with no clear favorite, the bookies will put in a giant order to have the game re-set. In the meantime, they will continue to accept wagers on other games while they wait for the next one to begin.

A New Approach To Wagering

Thanks to the internet, sports betting has become big business. And like any other big business, online betting shops have adapted to changing times and consumer needs. Newer online betting companies have figured out ways to make sports betting simpler and more convenient for their customers. In fact, the lines of communication between a consumer and a bookie have been reduced to the point of being nearly non-existent. What this means is that if you want to place a bet, you can do so in less than a minute.

The simplicity of placing a wager via the internet makes sports betting more convenient for consumers. It also means that more people are finding their way to betting shops, as well as those who would have stayed away in the past. This new market has given rise to the term “casual sports bettor.” These are individuals who may have placed a bet or two in their life, but now find themselves regularly participating in high-stakes betting due to the ease and convenience of placing large amounts of money on games they don’t even know much about.

New Jersey’s Regulatory Jungle

With the growth of online betting and the proliferation of online sportsbooks, the need for stringent federal regulations has waned. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped the state of New Jersey from trying to regulate sports betting throughout the state. In fact, the Garden State is one of the most complicated places in America when it comes to online gambling. Just last year, the New Jersey Legislature passed a law that would have forced all online gambling operators to be licensed and regulated by the state.

So what happens when a state tries to regulate something that isn’t even within its borders? You’re going to have to go somewhere else to make a bet. Fortunately, most states don’t have as much as New Jersey does when it comes to trying to regulate sports betting. And for the most part, states leave the matter up to the federal government. In other words, if you want to place a bet in the states that still require one, you’re going to have to do it outside of New Jersey.

A Growing Trend

Despite all the federal and state regulations surrounding sports betting, the number of people participating in the activity keeps increasing. That’s largely due to the advent of social media. If you’re following a sports team or athlete on social media, you’ll often see them post about upcoming games. And if you’re one of the people who regularly engages with them on social media, you’ll most likely be invited to join their “pool” of fans and be given the opportunity to place a wager with them. Believe it or not, social media is how many people now find out about matches, tournaments, and other sporting events that they might not have known about otherwise.

The Future Of Sports Betting

Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, and the internet, the future of sports betting looks incredibly bright. Not only are more people discovering the joys of betting on sports, but those who have participated in the past are now doing so on an entirely new level. Thanks to modern technology, betting on sports has become much less taboo and much easier for people of all ages to participate in. And with more people participating, the overall demand for sports betting is expected to increase significantly in the years to come.

Whether you’re a professional gambler searching for a way to earn a quick living, or you’re simply passionate about sports and betting on the games you love, the future of sports betting looks incredibly promising.