What Does +750 Mean in Betting?

The odds of winning +750 on a single NHL game are now very competitive, and it’s time to shed some light on this betting phenomenon.

The line of +750 has been around for a while, but it has only recently become extremely popular among recreational and professional bettors. What makes this particular betting line so interesting is that it represents an incredible value, considering the current betting trends in the NHL.

To follow along, we will use Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook data to examine current betting trends in the NHL, as well as the impact that the +750 betting line has had on the odds of winning or losing over the past month.


As mentioned above, +750 has only recently become popular among bettors, but it has certainly caught on quickly. In fact, over the past month, the line has seen a massive surge in popularity, with over 2.6 million bets placed on games featuring this particular line. This makes it the fifth most popular betting line over the past month and the most popular line among recreational bettors.

Considering that there was no line in the NHL for the season opener, the majority of bets have likely been placed on games initiated since the start of the season. The most popular teams with respect to +750 are the New Jersey Devils and the Boston Bruins, followed by the San Jose Sharks and the Los Angeles Kings. Three of the top four most popular teams in the NHL with respect to the +750 line are from California, further validating the strong connection between sports betting and the Golden State. This is a trend that we will be exploring in more detail below.


Although NHL fans may place a higher priority on their league given its association with the Winter Olympic Games, their interests don’t necessarily translate to the world of sports betting. In fact, the vast majority of bets placed on the +750 line have been set on NHL games, with only a small fraction coming from the other two major professional sports leagues. The most popular of these other leagues are the NBA (2.2 million bets placed on games featuring the +750 line over the past month) and the MLB (1.5 million).

The popularity of these leagues may be attributed to a few factors. First, the season is now over in the NFL and many of its fans may have turned their attention to other sports leagues. Second, the NBA and MLB are both popular leagues all around the world and many fans may be familiar with the names of the world’s best players. Last but not least, the quality of play in the NBA and MLB is unquestionable and many fans may be seeking a way to bet on their favorite teams.

It’s important to note here that even though these other sports leagues have seen a smaller audience when compared to the NHL, they are still immensely popular. In fact, the over/under 6.5 million bets placed on the upcoming Major League Baseball World Series represent the fourth most popular subject of bets in the entire month of July.


The odds of winning +750 on any given NHL game have now become incredibly competitive, with the Westgate Superbook giving this line a 1.7 percent chance of winning. This makes it the fifth most popular betting line in the entire league, and the most popular among recreational bettors.

When looking at the records of teams that have had success with this line in the past, it’s easy to see why. In the month of June alone, the teams with the best odds of winning +750 are the New Jersey Devils (8.8 to 1), the Boston Bruins (7.8 to 1), the San Jose Sharks (7.4 to 1), the Los Angeles Kings (6.9 to 1), and the Chicago Blackhawks (6.5 to 1).

These are all teams that either currently lead or were leading their respective leagues at the time the line was set. The implication here is that teams are realizing the value in having a good line when they are down in the standings and vice versa – if a team is ahead in the standings, they seemingly don’t need to be betting on their opponents to cover the spread.

Looking at the playoff races in particular, the New Jersey Devils have the best odds of winning the Stanley Cup this year, with the Westgate Superbook giving them an 18.3 percent chance of lifting the Cup.


This week is a bit light on action, given that there are only four games on the schedule, but none of them are particularly significant. The Columbus Blue Jackets host the Philadelphia Flyers on Friday in an Atlantic Division rivalry game, where an upset could spark increased interest in this year’s NHL postseason. The Los Angeles Rams travel to Oakland for a rematch of last year’s NFC Championship Game on Sunday, which could draw some casual fans to the gridiron. The Detroit Lions host the Green Bay Packers in an early season rivalry game on Monday that could see both teams fight for first place in the division.

Weekends are usually the busiest hours for any sportsbook, largely due to the fact that there are fewer hours in the day and therefore fewer people left to place bets. This Saturday and Sunday are no exception. Looking at both days separately, it’s clear that there are fewer bets available on Saturday, with only 2.7 million total bets being taken at the time of writing. Sunday is a bit busier, with 3.75 million bets being placed between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. ET, which is typical for a Sunday.

Considering that the majority of bets are taken on Friday and Saturday games, it’s important to keep in mind that there are fewer games on the schedule this week, which means less opportunity to bet on. Still, with only four games this week, there are fewer opportunities to win big, which may cause some bettors to seek alternative sports betting options. Some suggestions include, but are not limited to, placing a lay bet on the over/under of the total numbers of goals scored in a game, or making regular parlays or teasers on professional football, basketball, or baseball games.