What Does 8 Mean in Betting?

As the name would suggest, 888 is the shorthand for ‘Eighteen Hundred and Eight Eight’, or the combination of the letters that make up the number ‘1888′. Founded and regulated by the governments of the UK and Malta, the company first offered its services to British customers in April 2002, and has been a reliable and popular choice for online bookmakers ever since.

Most notably, 888 is home to a football pool which, in theory, could earn you hundreds of pounds if you’re lucky enough to bet on a match involving a team from one of the top tiers in England. The concept is deceptively simple: pick a team, club or individual, place a bet on them winning, and if they do win, you’ll be reimbursed the equivalent of your initial stake – plus a small win bonus. The idea is to create an environment where people feel comfortable risking small amounts of money on sporting odds, but large enough to make a dent in your savings if they pay off.

Widely Accepted In Europe

To put it mildly, 888 is a popular choice with UK and European online bookmakers. The betting service is licensed and regulated in Great Britain, as well as in a number of other European countries including Malta and Portugal. In fact, you’ll generally find most major online bookmakers accept 888 as a valid and verifiable source of payment.

This is primarily thanks to the fact that 888 is one of the few major credit card providers to offer online betting services. The advantage for consumers is that it means they can place bets from the comfort of their home or office, 24/7. This has made a significant difference in the way people are approaching wagering in recent times, with more and more Brits choosing to place bets from the information and entertainment opportunities that virtual gaming offers.

A History Of The Company

As well as being home to some of the biggest online sportsbooks, 888 also owns and operates a wide array of sports betting websites around the world. The company was originally founded in Germany, but also has offices based in London, and Gibraltar. Its worldwide network of sites provides punters with live odds and the option to place bets on a range of sporting events, including football, tennis, cricket, horse racing and more.

Biggest Sportsbooks

Perhaps the most recognizable and popular brand associated with 888 is, of course, betting sites which promote the company’s reputation for reliability and security. The largest of these are undoubtedly BillyBoingo.com and 888sports.com – although the latter now operates under the auspices of 888 Inc. – and, of course, the flagship site, 888.com. These sportsbooks attract huge numbers of visitors each month, with 888.com being ranked as the 22nd most visited website in Europe and the 4th most visited sportsbook website globally.

The dominance of these sportsbooks is a reflection of the public’s increased interest in sports betting in recent years, with total bets placed online more than doubling between 2012 and 2016.

More Than Just Online Bookmakers

888 is most famous for being a provider of online bookmaking services, but it also owns and operates several well-regarded sportsbooks which are open to all comers. The company recently expanded into the land-based sports betting market in Europe with the acquisition of BetVictor in July 2016. This added a new outlet for online sportsbooks in the UK, as well as bringing BetVictor’s customer base of more than a million customers under the umbrella of 888.com.

This is one of the big draws of 888; its ability to integrate and expand its offerings, drawing on its considerable experience in providing digital sportsbooks to consumers worldwide.

More Than Just Football

It might come as a surprise, but 888 isn’t solely associated with football. The company’s various ventures into professional and amateur sport have yielded considerable profit, with boxing, tennis, golf and Formula 1 all having featured on its books. It also runs the Thistle Casino in partnership with the Scottish Football Association, which allows supporters to place bets on games throughout the season.

A number of these sports have seen their popularity increase significantly in the UK and Europe over the past decade. It’s interesting to note that the most profitable events for 888 over the last few years have been golf courses and sporting events with an element of skill and strategy – such as Formula 1. This reflects the fact that fans are increasingly seeking entertainment value from wagering, rather than just betting on results.

Where To Place Your Bets

As we’ve established, 888 is a popular choice with UK and European bookmakers, with hundreds of thousands of customers utilizing its services each month. One of the reasons for this is that the company offers consumers a safe and secure way to bet, with many betting sites citing security as a key consideration. To ensure that your personal information is kept secure, 888 takes this issue extremely seriously and operates a stringent security protocol across all its platforms.

This protocol includes encryption of personal information, such as name, address and financial details – as well as all communications which take place between customer and site.

Despite this, there is always the risk of phishing when it comes to gambling. As a result, customers should always take care when interacting with any unknown website that promises to offer lucrative odds on games of chance. If you ever get the feeling that something’s not right, then it probably is. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to research any online bookmaker that you plan on using, before committing.