How to Bet the Numbers in Betting – 9.5 Number Systems

There are many different ways to bet the numbers in sports betting, but you will always have the option of choosing American odds, since most bookmakers in the United States offer them. If you place a bet on a sports team, you will automatically be given the option of American odds or European odds, which are more common in Europe, so it is best to be familiar with both.

However, not all sportsbooks offer American odds, so make sure you know which one you’re getting before placing a bet.

The Decimal Point

One of the most basic differences between American odds and European odds is the decimal point in the former. To make a 100 USD bet on the Green Bay Packers, you would put a $1 bet on the team with two digits after the dollar sign. So, for every $100 you bet, you would receive two pennies in return (plus the standard juice or vigorish payout if the Packers win). In the case of the latter, you would have to stake $1.41 to make the same wager, resulting in you actually receiving one penny and one ten-thousandth of a penny for every $100 you bet.

The More You Stake, The More You Win

The other important thing to consider about betting the numbers in sports is that the more you stake, the more you win. With American odds, this is quite obvious. If you stake $10, you will likely win $20. It’s that simple. However, in the case of European odds, this is less obvious, especially if you’re used to playing with American odds. The reason is that sometimes the payout in European odds can be higher than the sum of what you initially staked. This occurs when some sort of accumulator system is in use, which we will discuss below.


Accumulators are exactly what they sound like. A football accumulator, for example, is a bet on multiple football games that will be played at the same time. For example, if you’re betting on the New England Patriots against the Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins, then you’re making an accumulator. The payoff for this type of bet is determined not only by the final score of each game, but by the _total_ score of all games. In the case of the Patriots-Bills game, you would earn 10 times your initial stake (100 USD divided by 2 equals 50 USD, then multiplied by 2 for the over/under 200 total). In most cases, the payout on an accumulator is based on the _maximum_ amount of money you’re staked, so even if you won your bet, you would not be able to claim your full earnings. This feature makes accumulators quite popular, since people who play them don’t have to worry about their earnings as much as those who play regular single-game bets. You can’t really blame them – the temptation of making money without lifting a finger is just too great.

How to Place A Bet

Now that you’re familiar with the different ways of betting the numbers in sports, let’s discuss how to place a simple straight-up bet. To do this, you would need to open a sportsbook account at a reputable bookmaker. After doing this, you would need to find the sportsbook’s link on the Internet or in the paper. Then, you would simply have to click on this link and the appropriate amount of money, either in the form of US dollars or British pounds, would be deposited into your account. You can then make your wager using either American or European odds. If you’re betting on an American team, you would need to choose American odds, and if you’re betting on a team from Great Britain, then you would need to choose European odds. Betting on European teams with American odds is not possible, since the decimal point in European odds will round down any winning wagers to zero, meaning you will never get your money back! This is crucial to understand, especially if you’re used to playing with winning wagers in American sportsbooks, where they would never round down your earnings to zero, allowing you to get your money back if your team wins. It’s all about the precision of the odds in the different countries.

The Different Types Of Betting Markets

In the previous section, we discussed how to place a straight-up bet on a team. However, there are other types of bets that you can make, such as predicting the total number of points that will be scored in a game, or which team will win based on the total number of points scored. These types of bets are also called “Total Wagering” or “Accumulators,” since they require wagering on multiple games at the same time. In fact, you will find many different variations of total wagering, where you don’t have to bet on just one game to get your money back. The most common ones are: