What Does +9300 Mean in Betting?

Longines recently launched the world’s first mechanical wristwatch to feature a colour display and digital readout. Its standout feature is that it can be customized with up to 9300 different combinations of coloured gems and diamonds, and/or coloured metal plating. It’s an extension of the boutique brand’s ongoing commitment to combining traditional and modern elements in interesting ways.

Although the watch is designed for women, it’s actually a sophisticated piece of kit that will be appealing to anyone who loves unique jewellery and high-end accessories. The brand has partnered with Neiman Marcus to build a limited edition line of watches, with each piece individually numbered and authenticated by an independent gemologist. Each piece also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

What does this mean for European bettors? Well, this new watch makes a statement about how seriously Longines takes the artistry in its products and the uniqueness of each piece. Each timepiece is unique and will be prized possession. Plus, with its gemstone/diamond-based design, it’s not a piece of jewellery that will go out of style.

Let’s take a closer look at the Longines watch, starting with its case.

The Case

The Longines watch features a case made from fine-grained, hand-polished 18K yellow gold. It weighs 16.1 grams and is 5.9 millimeters thick. The uni-body design allows the case to be thinner and lighter than most traditional rectangular-shaped watch cases. This makes the Longines watch more fashionable and an interesting mix of modern and traditional.

To create this unique style, Longines used an innovative process where they first hammered and rolled the cases. This process gives the finished product a vintage look while staying cool and light. They use anodized aluminium for the outer case layer and laser-etched patterns on the inside to create a unique look.

The Movement

The Longines watch is all about style and technology so it’s only natural that the brand uses a Swiss-made movement within its construction. This well-known company designs and manufactures movements for various renowned brands, including Rolex and Patek Philippe. It also holds the license for the manufacture of the famous Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watch. As well as creating individual pieces of jewellery, this company also constructs complete watch crystals and movements for other brands.

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore movement is at the heart of the Longines watch and it’s visible through the case back. This movement was originally designed for the Royal Oak Offshore, a limited edition luxury watch in steel and gold. It also comes with a black PVD coating for added strength and scratch-resistance.

The Display

The colour display on the Longines watch is made using SuperLuminova material. This is a highly saturated, water-repellent coating created by E. F. L. What do you know, this material allows the watch to be illuminated from within. So when the sun or other lights hit the dial just right, the whole watch becomes luminous! When seen under black light, this coating also allows the watch to glow in the dark!

The Longines brand is committed to producing unique watches and making them affordable. This new model will be available for purchase in Neiman Marcus stores in early December for a price of US$43,500. While this may seem like a lot of money, when you take into consideration the limited edition nature of these watches and their uniqueness, it’s not hard to see why this piece of jewellery will be cherished for many years to come.