What Does a 7 Point Over Mean in Sports Betting?

The line movement in sports betting is something that few people truly understand. For those who do, it is an essential tool in their arsenal when betting on sporting events. Knowing how lines move and how to use this knowledge to your advantage is all part of savvy betting. The following article will give you a deeper understanding of what a 7 point over line means in today’s betting world and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

The Concept of the Line Change

When you bet on sports, there are generally two lines you will need to be aware of, the moneyline and the spread. The moneyline represents the total amount that you will win or lose on a wager. The spread is the difference in the point-amounts between the two teams. For example, a team is favored by seven points and you bet on the underdog, then you would need to bet $100 on the game to make $70 worth of profit. There’s a 7 point cushion above your original bet. Your money would be good to cover additional bets. In this particular example, if the game had been played after the publication of this article, you would have lost the $100 you wagered because the spread has now decreased to six points. Simply put, the lines have moved in your favor, however, you still need to be careful about potential injuries to your favorite team.

Under, Over, Even or Odd

Each team will have two chances to cover the point spread in a given game. These are called the under and over results, respectively. If the under result holds true (i.e., the team covering the spread loses), then you win the bet. If the over result holds true (i.e., the team not covered by the spread wins), then you lose the bet. The even result occurs when both the under and over results come true. Finally, the odd result occurs when one of the spreads fails to cover the point spread. For instance, if the Michigan Wolverines were to beat the Penn State Nittany Lions by three points, then your bet would be considered an odd, because 3 does not equal 7. The following table shows the possible outcomes for a sports wager: