What Does Alternate Rushing Yards Mean in Betting?

Alternate rushing yards have become very popular in sports betting since totals, whether rush or pass, became a thing. The idea is that you are essentially taking a punt on the game itself by betting on the OVER or UNDER, respectively, instead of choosing a side and laying the points as you would with a straightforward matchup.

What does it mean in betting terms? Let’s examine. First, you will want to familiarize yourself with the OVER/UNDER stat. Second, you will need to decide whether you will play the run game or pass game. Third, you will have to decide how much you are willing to wager on each game.

What Is The OVER/UNDER Stat?

If you ever watched ESPN college football games, you may have noticed that the channel often breaks down the number of rushing attempts in a game, whether a team successfully converted those attempts into yardage, and whether or not the game ended in a tie. You will often see something like, “The Over/Under stat for this game is 45 attempts for 375 yards.”

What is the over/under stat? It is the total number of times a team will attempt to run the ball (Over) versus the total number of times they will attempt to pass the ball (Under). For example, if a game is called into question and the numbers are 45-40, that means that there will be 45 attempts to run the ball and 40 attempts to pass the ball. In that case, the OVER would win because more than half of the games had more rushing attempts than passing attempts.

What Is The Run Game?

One of the most popular ways to score in football is through the run game. That is, you will want to find teams that like to pound the ball into the line and attempt to move the chains regularly. The Eagles, for example, rely heavily on the run game because it suits their offensive system well. They like to use play-action and speed out of the backfield to create big plays down the field. You can also incorporate a play or two from the shotgun formation where the quarterback takes a handoff or a pitch and runs directly at the defense for a huge gain.

What Is The Pass Game?

Although some teams like the Eagles rely heavily on the run game, it is not always the case. The Jacksonville Jaguars, for example, are very good at keeping the ball on the ground and using play-action rolls and short passes to move the chains. This is the preferred way for a team whose best player is Blake Bortles. Unfortunately, it can also be very random. Through the air, the defense usually gets the chance to make a play. If you bet on the OVER in a Bortles game, you are essentially saying that you think the opposing defense will be able to stop him and his receivers from producing big plays. If you bet on the UNDER, you are saying that you think the Jags will be able to move the ball quickly and efficiently against an over-matched defense, even if they are missing key starters like Jalen Ramsey and Marcell Dareus. It is all about the matchup here. If you are not sure which game you will be betting on, you should probably lay the points.

Now that you have a decent idea of what alternate rushing yards mean in betting, you can start formulating your wager. Will you lay the points and try to hit the over or will you take the punt and go with the under? Will you bet on the run game or pass game? Maybe you will choose to take the points and lay the UNDER. Whatever you choose, just be sure that you are consistent. Nothing looks worse than a bettor who takes a different approach every game. If you are a beginner, starting out with a single wager on the Over or Under is usually the way to go. Every game, you will gain experience and can progressively increase your wagers. Just be sure that you always use the same approach so that your sports betting odds remain consistent and easy to predict. Thanks for reading! I hope this has helped.