What Does Any Other Score Mean in Betting Baseball?

The baseball season is upon us, and with it, the excitement of betting on games you love. With spring training now behind us, we take a look at how the odds for major sporting events have changed since the start of the season and whether we should still be paying attention to them.

Will the Dodgers Finally Break Their So-Called “Curse”?

Towards the start of the season, everyone was gunning for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Many books had them listed as big favorites to win the World Series, and the betting public seemed to agree. From late April onwards, bettors have been piling on the Dodgers in expectation of their championship run. This seems to be culminating in the last few weeks, with many major betting companies listing the Dodgers as major underdogs versus the New York Yankees in the World Series.

The Dodgers were one of the hottest teams at the start of the season, with many experts predicting a championship. They finished 2018 with a winning record and made the playoffs for the fourth year in a row. It’s fair to say that the ‘Yanqui’s’ may have finally met their match.

Which 2018 Yankees Will Be Most Valuable To Their Contracts?

While the Dodgers were the early favorites for the World Series at the start of the season, the New York Yankees had the early betting odds on their side. The majority of experts believe that this year’s Yankees are going to be incredibly valuable to their contracts. The reason behind this is the fact that many of the team’s best players will be free agents at the end of this year. The Yankees lost the only truly meaningful game they played this year when they dropped the last game of the season to the Boston Red Sox. The odds for this game were 4.30 (Red Sox win), and the public chose to back the home team. This proved to be a costly mistake, and the Red Sox went on to win the World Series. Despite this heartbreaking loss, the Yankees went on to win the regular season and secured their status as the class of the Major Leagues.

The Yankees are going to be difficult to play against in the coming years. Not only do they have a talented roster, but they effectively managed to lock up a good number of their players to long-term contracts. This is a major advantage in an era where teams have an ever-growing need to keep up with the Jones’s and the Jones’s don’t seem to be slowing down. There’s no question that the Yankees are going to be a thorn in the side of every opponent they face this year and for years to come.

Other MLB Teams With a Great Possibility of Making the Playoffs:

Although the Yankees finished the season as the favorites to win the World Series, they aren’t the only team that has a great opportunity this year. The Milwaukee Brewers, for example, have a great lineup and an elite pitcher in Zack Greinke. The pitching-rich Houston Astros also return a big portion of their rotation, and they have an improving young talent in their bullpen. The Pittsburgh Pirates have a lot to offer, too, with their star catcher, Francisco Cervelli, leading the way. Finally, we can’t leave out the defending champion Chicago Cubs, who are loaded not only with talented batters, but also with young starters who threw the ball well last year. This year, the Cubs have a great opportunity to go all the way, and many experts predict that they will.

These are just some of the teams that have a great opportunity this year. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which one you think is going to be the best. Hopefully, this article will help you solidify that belief.