What Does Betting 3 Way Mean?

BETTING™ 3 WAY is a game that was originally created in Canada, and it’s now available to play in Europe and Australasia – with more countries expected to follow suit in the near future.

The object of the game is to select three out of a possible six balls, in such a way that their colors, patterns and/or numbers will add up to 21. If you manage to do so, you win the game – and the pot!

To give you an idea of how complex this game can be, let’s take a look at the rules:

General Rules

The general rules of the game are as follows:

  • There are six colored balls. (Sometimes there are more than one jack or queen of hearts; more often there’s just one.)
  • There are three white balls and three red balls. (Sometimes there are four or five white balls; more often there’s just three.)
  • The aim is to match three of the balls (colors, patterns or numbers) to win the game.
  • The game ends when any player manages to match three balls. (In practice this usually happens after 10 to 15 minutes.)
  • There is no time limit (though there is a 30 second display time).
  • The person who matches the most balls wins.

Now let’s take a closer look at how to play.

How To Play Betting™ 3 Way

The way you play the game is by matching three balls of the same type (colors, patterns or numbers) to create a line of three connected dots. (Sometimes these balls are called Power Balls, and they appear in different colors like orange, green or purple. Another common type of ball is the Heart Ball which appears in purple, white and red.)

The basic idea behind 3 WAY is that you want to form a line of three of something, when in reality you need to form a line of three of a different type of ball. For example, you need to have three of the same colored hearts, or three oranges, or three red balls – to create a line of three balls. (In some versions of the game, the red balls are called “fruit balls” because they look like pieces of fruit, when they are lined up in a row as in this example.)

To show you how this works, here’s a quick example of how to play the game:

  • Select three red balls.
  • Match them in any way you can (like stacking them, lining them up in rows, etc.)
  • Once you have your line of three red balls, take a quick moment to think about how you are going to connect them. (You can’t just put them in a straight line.)
  • Go through your stack of red balls, and pick out another three. (You will always have three more balls available – the maximum number of balls you can pick out at once is six.)
  • Repeat this process, until you have used all six balls.
  • The winner is the person who matches the most balls (in this case, it would be the person on the left, due to the rules of the game).

It’s important to try and match as many balls as possible, and as we’ve established – there are no specific rules regarding how to do this, so you’re free to come up with your own methods. Some people play a game called Crazy Connections which is very similar to 3 WAY, but instead of matching colors, you are connecting any pair of balls to play the game. This really opens up the possibility for some interesting combinations and matching patterns. (Just remember: the more connections you make, the more you will lose.)

A great way to play the game is to connect three sets of three (in a row, like this: 123, 231, 323) – this will guarantee you a win, as you will have connected all six balls (three rows of three) and none of them can be separated. This is known as a “Grand Slam”, and it’s one of the more common ways to play the game. Another great option is to connect any two sets of three balls to form a line of nine, or a line of 15. (In that case, you’ll need to make sure you have 15 or more balls – if you don’t, then it’s no good.)

It’s important to note that throughout this article we have been referring to the different colors of the balls (red, white and blue) – this is because in some countries these are the colors that are used to represent the months of the year. (In the United States, for example, we would refer to the red representing July, the white representing August and the blue representing September.)

In some countries, the balls may also be referred to by different colors in slang terms. For example, in the United Kingdom they are known as “gigglers” (green), “dullbs” (white) and “dudley bangers” or “dundles” (blue). (The first two words are short references to the colors of the balls, while the third one is a derogatory term used for the white ball.)

Also, in some countries, the red balls are known as “bangers” due to the sound they make when they are thrown against the wall or the floor. Other countries call them “cherries”, which is short for “cherry bomb” – in this case, the cherry is a reference to the shape of the ball, as it looks like a whole cherry when it is laid out in a row.)

The History Of Betting 3 Way

As we’ve established, 3 WAY is a complicated game to get into, especially if you are just starting out. Luckily, there is a lot of information online regarding its history. Here’s a short excerpt from one of the most popular websites regarding this topic: