What Does “Betting Odds 10/1” Mean?

When you place a wager on the outcome of a sporting event, you will often be presented with betting odds, like this:

Odds: 10/1

In American sports books, these odds mean that the sportsbook will pay you ten times the amount of your wager if the sporting event ends in a touchdown, and you will only win once you throw a touchdown pass. (

So, if you wager $100 on a touchdown pass, you will win $1,000 if your team scores, or you will lose your $100 wager.

If you think this sounds like a good deal, maybe it is. But, just remember that the sportsbook must make their money somewhere, too. You see, when you put down a wager, the sportsbook takes the other side of the bet. And if your team doesn’t score, then they lose your money. They don’t make any money if your team scores.

That’s the risk you take when you place a wager. Nowadays, you will often see bookmakers extend their coverage to include more than just the sports you might be interested in. For example, if you’re a fan of fantasy sports, bookmakers might offer you the chance to create your own fantasy team and play against other users. And if you’re a fan of college sports, you might be able to find the betting odds for your favorite teams.

Keeping Up With The Tickers

In the US, the New York Jets are famously associated with the Tickers. So, when you see the word “Tickers” on a betting slip, you can be pretty sure that you’re looking at some of the habitually awkward dancers of the New York Jets. You might also see Tickers on a betting slip for the Chicago White Sox and some of the other American League teams. And, of course, there are the San Francisco 49ers Tickers as well. It’s probably not a coincidence that these are some of the most infamous teams in American sports.

Interestingly, the Dallas Cowboys are often associated with the Hearts, a wacky gang of cowboys in the UK. These days, you might see Hearts on a betting slip when the Cowboys play the New York Giants in London.

As strange as it might sound, “Tickers” is also the name of a soccer team from Nairobi, Kenya. That’s probably because a lot of the players and staff of this team are Tickers, the Kikuyu tribe. Interestingly, the soccer team is based out of the Nairobi Sports Club. So, you could say that the Tickers are famous for not only their awkward dances but also their game starts as well.

These are just some of the more prominent associations that betting odds might have. If you think you’re a fixture, you might find that you are on the wrong slip. Just remember that any team or player named after a wacky western tribe or the nickname of a rancher is probably associated with betting odds.

What Are The Most Popular Sports To Bet On?

It’s always interesting to look at a sports book’s daily wagers to see which sports people are most interested in betting on. And, at BetOnline.ag, we get an idea of which sports people are most interested in betting on by looking at the amount of money that is being wagered on each sport. We can see that, on a daily basis, people are most interested in Football (American Football, Canadian Football, and Football elsewhere), Nascar, and Horse Racing. Here’s a breakdown of the top sports to bet on:


As a sport, football is probably one of the most popular sports to bet on. And, as we’ve mentioned, it is one of the most popular sports in the United States. It’s also probably the most popular sport in the world. Every four years, the world comes together for the most famous football championships that there is:

  • The Super Bowl.
  • The World Cup.
  • The Championship of Europe (which is like the Super Bowl but only for European teams)
  • etc.

It’s not just about the beautiful football skills that people love about the sport – it’s the fact that it’s so accessible. You can play football on a TV showcase in your local 7-Eleven for a quarter back (or soccer for the rest of us). It’s not hard to find a game on any channel or online stream. And, for those of us who are not into watching football, there are always options for us to bet on. You can write a football handicap card, for instance, or play the lottery for a live football game. It might not be the most exciting sport to watch or play, but, for those of us who love to bet, there are a lot of opportunities.


If you’re a fan of stock car racing, you may want to check out nascar. Like football, nascar is another popular sport that is supported by TV contracts and sponsorships. And, like football, nascar is also associated with wealthy and famous racing families. Just like with football, you can bet on nascar racing on the day of a race or look up the result later that night. The greatest race of all time is the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It’s one of the main events of the year, and it attracts viewers from around the world. This is the ultimate test of man and machine as the racers go all night long. And, for those of us who love to bet, there are a lot of opportunities to get involved.