What Does Draw No Bet Mean in Soccer Betting?

The line drawn under the soccer match outcome is commonly known as the ‘no bet’ or ‘draw no bet’ line. There is no denying that many bettors are intimidated by this symbol, as it is often found in the center of a betting slip. However, those that know how to decipher the meaning of this marking, can make a fortune from accurately predicting certain outcomes. Let’s examine the odds behind this fascinating soccer betting term.

What Is the Meaning of the No Bet Line in Soccer Betting?

From a bettor’s perspective, the no bet line can appear rather confusing, as it is often found next to another betting slip line that is associated with a monetary payout. To fully grasp the concept of the no bet line, let’s follow the trail of money from the bettor’s betting slip to the gaming machines, then to the casino personnel, and finally to the casino itself. The line represents the point at which the gaming institution is not going to pay out on the wager. In other words, the no bet line is marked above all the possible winning amounts on a betting slip.

When the bettor places the wager on the soccer match, the no bet line is actually not part of the wager at all. Rather, the sportsbook takes the wager completely and runs the numbers to come up with the final outcome. For example, if a wager is made on a game with two goals and two possible outcomes – one goal, one goal and a draw – the no bet line is placed at the two-goal line. This is because the bookmaker is not going to pay out on a winning wager at the two-goal line, as there is already a 2.0 payoff on the other goals lines.

Should I Bet on Teams With a High No Bet Line?

An important question to ask yourself as a prospective soccer bettor, is whether or not you should place an order with a sportsbook that has a high no bet line. Keep in mind that the higher the no bet line, the more complex the odds are for a winning bet. When it comes to soccer betting, the general rule is ‘higher no bet line, higher payout.’ You have to be extremely careful when placing a wager on a game with a high no bet line, as you are almost certain to lose money if things do not go your way. However, if you have the necessary skill, knowledge and experience to make successful wagers on games with high no bet lines, than there is no question that you should take advantage of this opportunity.

What Is the Difference Between a Push and a Pull Bet?

Aside from the high no bet line, another important factor to look out for when placing a wager on a soccer match, is whether or not you should place the wager on the ‘pull’ or ‘push’ of the game. It is generally accepted that a push wager favors the home team, while a pull wager favors the away team. However, this is not always the case, as sometimes a push wager can be just as good as a pull wager, and sometimes it can even be better. It really depends on the situation.

Should I Bet on Teams With a Solid Home Advantage?

When assessing whether or not to bet on a team with a home advantage, you have to keep in mind that the home team will face one less change of ending up lost in the wilderness than their opponents. If you are from the UK and you have followed the recent craze for teaching others how to count, you will know that less than half of the teams that qualify for the knockout stage of the Champions League actually make it to the big dance. This tends to even out the competition, as the home teams are rarely swept aside by lesser opponents. The advantage of having a home field can also translate to extra security for the players, as well as their families and friends, should any foul play be attempted.

What About the Expected Results?

There is one more factor to keep in mind if you are planning on placing a bet on a soccer game, and that is the expected results. For example, if you are backing Arsenal and they are 4-0 down at halftime, you might consider backing them all the way until the end, as things are looking rather bleak at the moment. Alternatively, if you are backing Liverpool and they are 4-0 up at halftime, you might want to consider taking some of your wager off, as it looks like the home team is going to cruise to victory.

As you can see, there is a lot more to consider when placing a wager on a soccer match than simply knowing the outcome. Before placing a wager on the world’s greatest game, it is important to examine all the factors that could potentially affect the final result. After all, nobody likes to lose money on a wager, but it is even worse when the game has adverse effects on your bottom line.