What Does Draw Numbers Mean for Square Betting?

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What Is the Deal With Draw Numbers?

If you are unfamiliar, draw numbers are betting lines that are settled before the end of the game. Most places will list the available bets along with the current odds. For example, if you are a Liverpool fan and they are playing at Manchester United, you might want to bet on a Reds draw with the +105 (5.0) odds. Or if you are a Spurs fan and they are playing at Liverpool, you could put your money on a Spurs draw with the +100 (1.0) odds.

This is where most traditional bookmakers would draw the line. Many would not countenance any type of in-game wager. Even if it is for the match outcome, they generally would not allow bets on games that are already settled. The thinking is that there is too much to lose by taking such bets. Also, many bookmakers get a commission from the game officials for placing bets on the outcome of live games. So, they are understandably nervous about taking on large sums of money on games where the outcome is already known. They have to take that risk themselves.

Why Does Square Betting Handle Draw Numbers Differently?

The approach that we take at Square Betting is quite different from the way most places operate. We firmly believe that sportsbooks are missing out on huge opportunities by not having an in-game betting option. When the outcome of a game is no longer in doubt, you know that there will be no repercussions if the game ends up being a loss. It would not do any good for a betting exchange to list those odds if they do not want to take action on those bets themselves.

We handle all our bets manually. We have a team of people that monitor the ongoing action as it happens. Once the final whistle blows and the game ends in a draw, we know exactly which bets to investigate. If it is a late goal that sees your team win the game, we will do our best to put your money back on the winning side. However, we cannot be responsible for any bets that you make before the game ends in a draw. That is something that you have to bear in mind whenever you place a bet.

It is vital that any reputable betting exchange lists all the available bets for a game. Sometimes there are hidden gems amongst these odds that you did not know existed. For example, if you search for Manchester United – Chelsea 2018, you will see that there are actually odds available for Manchester United to beat Chelsea. And if you are a fan of the Red Devils, you might want to take advantage of those odds. Just make sure that you understand what your are getting into. If you go all-in on a draw bet and it turns out that your team loses, you have nowhere to go but to the bookmaker to get your money back. And, even then, they might not be willing to give you your money back. Especially if you are getting bigger bets on other games that they feature.

Is There Really An App For That?

Yes, there is. It is called “SQBet” and it is available for Android and Apple devices. It is a handy tool for sports fans that want to place quick and easy wagers on their favourite teams. Just open the app and click on the “New Bet” button to get started. You will then be presented with a list of available bets on the games that you want to place a wager on. Simply search for the team or player that you are supporting and then choose the game and the format that you want to use (over/under, half-time/full-time, etc.). Once you have chosen the game and the format (if it is a single game), you can then choose how much you want to wager on each option. Be sure to read our in-depth guide to Squbet if you want to learn how to use the app successfully.

To bring this article to a close, let us remind you that this is not professional advice and we do not condone risking large sums of money on unknown outcomes. But, if you are looking for a place to place bets on games that are already settled, then Square Betting is the perfect place for you. As a Red Devils fan, we hope that we were able to shed some light on the matter and help you make the right choice.