What Does ‘Even Odd’ Mean in Betting?

In the world of sports betting, there’s always been an odd couple: sports and games fans who enjoy gambling and players who get exhilarated by the idea of winning big. It’s led to many strange partnerships where one bets on sports the way one would play poker or checkers, and the other enjoys the excitement and variety of games that sports brings.

While there’s still plenty of strange pairings when it comes to sports betting, many of the combinations have started to become commonplace. If you’re unfamiliar, “odds” or “line” in sports betting refers to the way teams are valued by bookmakers — the lines are generally set by the bookmaker or sportsbook, and only occasionally do we bettors get a shot at taking a side in an upset.

The most recognizable partnership when it comes to sports betting is the Dallas Cowboys and bettors who support them. Every year, on the day before the NFL season begins, the Cowboys have a promotion where you can get $2 million in cash if you bet $100,000 on them on opening day. It’s called the “grand opening” of the NFL season, and for decades now, it’s been a staple of the NFL preseason game. It seems that some fans are willing to take that kind of gamble — between the security the Cowboys provide and the thrill of seeing them play, there’s been plenty of interest in the bet. It’s led to some creative promotions where you can get the same odds of hitting it big with the minimal risk of losing your money.

The ‘Even’ In ‘Odd-Even’

There’s another side to the NFL story: the Kansas City Chiefs. They’ve been one of the most successful teams in the NFL the past few years, and they’ve done a lot of exciting things in the process. But it hasn’t been easy — their success is largely based on the work of Patrick Mahomes II, who led the NFL in passing yards per game last year. As a rookie, he threw for 4,917 yards and had a 75.9% completion rate, which would have been good for fourth in the NFL history books had he kept it up through the whole season. As you’d expect, he had some hiccups along the way: he passed for just three touchdowns compared to the 41 he had recorded in the previous season, and only one of those came against the Indianapolis Colts, the eventual AFC Champions. It’s the type of loss that would break up a lot of teams, but the Chiefs are still around, and still winning — and they haven’t lost a single game in the past two years.

Now here’s where things get interesting. In the middle of last season, the Chiefs had a major controversy — at least, it seemed like a major controversy at the time. The team was leading the Patriots by a single point in the fourth quarter of the AFC Championship game, and the fans were going crazy. As usual, Mahomes came through for his team — leading two touchdown drives in the final five minutes to put the game away. But that’s when things got strange. The first TD drive was set up when Tyreek Hill had a 76-yard scamper — the longest play in Chiefs history. Then, on the second TD drive, Travis Kelce found himself behind the end zone for what was initially a two-point conversion. As the two sides jostled for position, the officials got together and conferred — which is when they decided to award the two-point conversion to the Patriots. The game ended up being a tie, and the Patriots went on to win the Super Bowl.

In the aftermath of the game, there were calls for head coach Andy Reid to be fired. He was reportedly upset about the decision, which was made even though the Chiefs had a first down and a relatively easy field goal in front of them. The next week, in a meaningless game against the Buffalo Bills, he was spotted wearing a baseball cap turned backwards — a nod to the controversial call that cost his team the game. Whether or not he was serious about the whole thing, it’s safe to say that the incident didn’t exactly endear him to the fans.

Creative Bookmakers

When the NFL season starts, fans can place bets with the pros at online sportsbooks — a global industry worth an estimated $11 billion, according to a recent study by the UK-based International Business Review.

Often, professional sports leagues and their teams have partnerships with bookmakers — the NFL and the Super Bowl winner New England Patriots are a prominent example of this. These are essentially marketing deals where the books get coverage and create interest in a product that the sports leagues and teams usually don’t have enough of themselves. For the bookmaker, it’s a win-win — they get free publicity in exchange for airing a team or league they’re already engaged with and interested in promoting. For the sports fans, it means access to a wider variety of games and more opportunities to bet on them. While this may not always be possible, it’s certainly worth checking with the pros at your local sportsbook as to whether or not something like this is available for the team or league you support.

More Of The Same

In terms of partnerships, the Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Jets are probably the best of the best. Both teams are in the middle of rebuilding processes — the Jets after a turbulent few years, and the Jaguars after a 10-win season — and both have a lot of money to spend. That fact alone makes this partnership interesting, and potentially lucrative. If you’re a sports bettor, you might consider placing a few bets on the underdogs in these games — the Jacksonville Jaguars are 7-1 ATS in their past eight games against the spread, while the Jets have covered in five of their past six games when the total is below the total. The over/under on total yards is usually the big thing in these games — the over/under for the Jets-Jaguars game is 606 yards, while the over/under for the Patriots-Steelers game is 561 yards. Those are big numbers, and it’s always tough to bet against New York when they’re playing in New England and tough to bet against the Jags when they’re at home.

Creative Finishing

Sometimes, the most exciting part of an NFL game is the very end. With just a few minutes left in the game and one team desperately trying to pull off a comeback, excitement can reach new heights. In those cases, it can be worth wagering on whether or not the game will be decided in regulation, or if one of the teams will go for the win or cover in the final minutes. As a rule, it’s usually best to avoid these kinds of bets — especially in the NFL, where games are usually closely contested and the last few minutes are hectic. Still, as a fantasy football player or a casual sports bettor, it’s exciting to see your favorite team trying to come back from a seemingly hopeless situation. This is also one area where the excitement between sports and games fans — and even players — can cross over and lead to some unusual friendships and business partnerships. As a Cowboys fan, for example, you might be tempted to place a few bucks on them in the final minutes in order to help them pull off an upset. It’s probably a bad idea, but seeing as how you hate the Redskins and always root for the underdog, it’s not hard to see how you might be tempted. It’ll likely be a bad idea, but it might be fun to watch — especially if you’re a Patriots fan and your team is down by a couple of TDs in the final minute and you’re unsure of the outcome.