What Does “Free Play” Mean in Betting?

One of the most confusing terms in online betting is “free play.” As the name suggests, this is the amount of play that you get for free when you make a deposit. It is also sometimes called “demo play.” The truth is that, while there is no formal definition for what “free play” means, there is one for demo play. Let’s take a look at what constitutes “free play” in online betting and how it relates to the demo play.

What Is Free Play In General?

As with many terms in gambling, there is no official English definition for this phrase. However, according to the people who run the gambling sites, free play is “the amount of games you can test drive without having to make a deposit.” From an outsider’s perspective, free play is simply the amount of games you can play before you have to make a monetary investment. In general, you will get more free play if you make a larger deposit or if you are a loyal customer.

More Games Leads To More Free Play

It is a well-established fact that the more games you play, the more free play you will accumulate. This is why it is common for online casinos to offer more free play for new and existing customers. If you play on a regular basis, you will eventually accrue enough free play to try out most of the games on the site without having to make a deposit.

Depositing Money Changes Things

If you want to play on a particular site, you will usually have to make a deposit. When you make a deposit, you will usually earn more free play. The amount of free play you earn will vary by site, but it always increases when you make a deposit. Some sites will give you as much as 100% bonus free play when you make a deposit. While this might seem like a good idea in theory, keep in mind that you have to play through this bonus play with a “real” money wager before you can withdraw any winnings. The truth is that you should avoid making any large deposits at less reputable sites, as these will more than likely charge you exorbitant fees for withdrawals. Additionally, if you play on a regular basis and make hefty wagers, you will eventually be banned from some sites. Legitimate online casinos will always disclose this information to you upfront. Free play can be extremely valuable when you are just learning how to bet online, as you will be able to try out a large range of games for free. However, if you are looking for a quick shortcut to making money, you should avoid using free play in any way. Withdrawing winning amounts from free play is also usually not possible, as most sites have restricted withdrawals based on when you were given the free play. In the event that you do manage to withdraw winning amounts, you will be faced with substantial fees and possible delay. Even then, you should still keep in mind that you are playing with fake money.

The bottom line is that you should avoid using free play in any way. Even if you are a loyal customer who enjoys playing on various poker sites, you should still avoid using this feature. While it is great for getting started, in the long term, it might hurt you. Make a deposit when you join a new site and then use your free play to familiarize yourself with the games. Once you have established yourself as a regular player, you can then move over to a cashier’s function and start using real money to place bets. The casinos will then recognize you as a valued customer and will engage with you on a more personal level. When you are using real money, there are no restrictions on withdrawing your winnings, and you can use whatever method you please to do so. As the old adage goes, “if it’s meant to be, it will be.” Have fun!