What Does Half-Time Betting Mean?

Many football fans are familiar with the concept of half-time betting, where you place bets on the halftime results of the match. While this activity is purely recreational and has no particular relevance to your daily life, we’d like to enlighten you on the meaning of this obscure phrase.

What Is The Deal With The Halftime Results?

The deal with the halftime results is fairly simple: Before or after the interval (the half time break) of a football game, the bets are settled on the final score of the match. This is usually done using either half time running bets or half time soccer (or rugby, or American football) bets. The winning half time betting trend of 2017 was 5-1, with the over 2.5 goals scorer taking the top spot. Over 1.5 goals were also the popular choice, with the under 2.5 goal market scoring slightly less than the over 2.5 markets.

Why Are Bets Settled On The Final Score Of The Match?

This is because, ultimately, you’re making a bet on what will happen at the end of the match. When the game starts, there are lots of opportunities to make money from the offsetting bets, but it’s only after the game is over that the true payout comes in. Of course, you could have a lucky escape, and the game could end in a draw!

The reason why the bet is settled on the final score is that this is what the bookmakers believe will happen. If, for example, you were to bet on Liverpool to score two goals or more in the first half, they might score three but then lose by two or more in the second half, you would lose your bet. It’s the same with the over 2.5 goal market – if that market is winning at the start of the second half, you’re going to be handsomely rewarded, but if it’s still going at the end, you’ll have lost your money.

How Many Goals Can We Expect In The Halftime?

The number of goals that can be expected in the interval before the match starts is somewhat unpredictable. This is because the outcome of the halftime result will depend on a number of factors, such as who is playing, the temperature, and the state of the pitch. However, as a general rule of thumb, you can probably expect one or two goals. The top scorer from the 2017 half time results was Diego Costa, who scored a hat trick for Atletico Madrid against Everton.

Half Time Betting Is Purely Recreational

As previously stated, half-time betting is usually a pastime recreation for fans who attend football matches. It’s simply a way of passing the time until the next act starts. So, if you’re looking to make some extra cash, by all means, attend a football match and place some bets, you’ll have a good time. Just make sure you understand the rules.