What Does “Handicap” Mean in Basketball Betting?

Basketball is one of the most popular sports around the world. It is extremely popular in America and many other parts of the world. It is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. One of the things that make basketball so popular is that it is a “team” sport. This means that no matter how good or bad you are individually, you can still participate and have a chance at winning. It is also one of the few sports where you can actually use your hands, so it is great for people with physical disabilities. However, perhaps the most appealing aspect of basketball is its simplicity. Many people can understand how the game works and can enjoy playing it. This makes it very accessible to people of all skill levels.

What Is Handicap?

When it comes to most sports, “handicap” simply means that you are putting your money on the line. You are taking a risk; if you lose you could end up losing a lot of money. However, in basketball betting, “handicap” has a slightly different meaning. In general, handicap refers to the level of skill that is required to play the game. It is played differently depending on the level of handicap. In lower levels, for example, players attempt to throw the ball through the basket with no regard for the rim while in higher levels the emphasis is more on pure speed and agility.

There is also a version of the game where players use their hands to throw the ball, but this is generally frowned upon since it reduces the pace of the game. It is not uncommon for people to enter into a betting pool where they are all gambling on the outcome of a single game. This type of betting is usually done online where there is an abundance of bookmakers willing to take your money. For the best experience, utilize a VPN when using online betting platforms.

The Differences In Handicap Levels

There are five different levels of basketball handicap. Each one is based on the difficulty of the game. The easier the game, the higher the level of handicap required. The levels are:

  •  Novice – This is the lowest level of basketball handicap. Players at this level are simply working on developing their skills. They may not even know how to throw a ball correctly yet, however, they are able to participate in games. The emphasis is on fun and development rather than competition.
  •  Regular – For people at this level, competitive play is a must. It is expected that players at this level will show up to practice and games prepared to fight. They will take their games seriously but still have fun. The most important thing for players at this level is to have a good attitude.
  •  Intermediate – This is the second level of basketball handicap. It is a step up from novice and involves an increased level of competition. Players at this level will have developed their skills and understand the game well. They will still be working on being faster and more agile as well as working on improving their shooting accuracy. One of the distinguishing factors of players at this level is their body language. They will walk with a confident step, hold their head high and display an assertive attitude.
  •  Advanced – This is the third level of basketball handicap. It is a step up from intermediate and its emphasis is more on strength rather than speed or agility. Players at this level will be working on strength training as much as possible and attempting to increase their vertical jump. They will also work on slowing down their reflexes so that they can react more quickly to the balls movements. This level is also known as the “showcase” level because players at this level are often competing in exhibition games or tournaments. These games are often featured on television networks or in print media publications so that audiences around the world can follow them.
  •  Professional – This is the fourth level of basketball handicap and is similar to advanced. However, it is more specific and has different requirements. Players at this level will be required to wear suits and play a more structured game. The shots will be banked in, there will be limited attempts at the three point shot, and there will be more time between makes. They will also be expected to maintain discipline and focus. Since this is a professional level, referees will be present to ensure that the rules are followed and no cheating is committed. Many professional sports organizations, such as the NBA and NFL, have a strict no‐nonsense approach when it comes to enforcing sportsmanship, so as a player, you must be on your best behavior at all times.
  •  Master – This is the highest level of basketball handicap. It is a step up from professional and the emphasis is on pure speed. Players at this level will be working on becoming the fastest in the world. They will attempt to increase their vertical jump as much as possible and decrease the time it takes to complete a sprint. Although they will be traveling across the country or around the world for these competitions, they will still need a good attitude, determination and focus.

Why Are Some Sports Prohibitively Handicapped?

Certain sports, or events in sports, are prohibited or severely discouraged from being played with “handicap”. Some examples are: