How to Use the ‘-’ (Minus) Symbol on Betting Sites

The use of the ‘-’ (minus) symbol has been a long-standing practice on online betting sites. This article will answer some of the most common questions surrounding the use of this symbol.

Is the ‘-’ Symbol on Online Betting Sites Legal?

The ‘-’ symbol has been around since the inception of online betting. However, its legality has been questioned. Some countries have banned the use of this symbol, while other countries have allowed it. The UK has typically allowed the use of ‘-’ on betting sites, but in 2019, the country’s gambling regulator, Gambling Commission, barred the use of this symbol on all sites. The commission stated:

“We considered a number of factors including the risk of minors using online gambling sites, addiction, compulsive gambling and the impact that this type of gambling might have on social cohesion. In general, we considered that online gambling sites with a ‘-’ symbol were less sustainable, more risky and less fair than those that didn’t use this symbol.”

What Is the Difference Between the ‘-’ (Minus) Symbol and Regular Hyphens?

When writing text, using the ‘-’ symbol instead of a hyphen is considered less formal and less precise. For example, if you wanted to write, “Get your tickets-now!”, you would write “Get your tickets-now!”. However, if you have the money accumulated, you could also write, “I have £100 to spend on clothes- now buy me some items that fit me perfectly!”

Many individuals and organisations, including the UK Gambling Commission, consider the ‘-’ symbol to be slang. For example, if a toddler were to type in the word ‘button’ when shopping online, it is likely that the product that they were looking for would be flagged as spam, due to its use in e-commerce. Spam filters generally prevent such words as ‘button’, ‘check’, ‘credit card’, ‘ticket’ and ‘zip code’ from being spammed.

Do All Betting Sites Allow For the Use of the ‘-’ (Minus) Symbol?

Depending on the country or territory that you visit, certain websites may not allow for the use of the ‘-’ symbol. A good example is the USA’s biggest online betting site, BetOnline. To take part in a game there, you must be 18 years of age or older. In addition, BetOnline prohibits the use of the ‘-’ symbol, along with other controversial symbols, like the red flag and the white power symbol. However, there are other sites, like Bovada and Intertops, that allow for the use of these and other symbols.

Why Are Some Online Betting Sites More Formal Than Others?

There are several reasons why some online betting sites are more formal than others. For example, bwin is a well-known UK betting site that encourages user engagement through its playful design language and tagline, “Where Fun and Games Mix”, which promotes friendly, social betting. The simple language of the site’s forms and the fact that they are often filled out by hand, rather than through AI-driven systems, further enhance the experience.

On the other hand, bet365’s website is packed with forms and features, which promote a more traditional betting experience. The simplicity of the design helps users navigate the site easily while filling out forms, searching for specific games or placing bets. As you might expect, bet365 is a global site, so its forms are available in several different languages, including Turkish, German and French.

Do You Need to Use the ‘-’ (Minus) Symbol to Place a Bet?

When placing a bet on the main betting page of a site, you do not need to use the ‘-’ symbol. However, if you are lining up a stake on a different page or entering a game where you have accumulated a stake, then you should use the ‘-’ symbol.

For example, let’s say that you are watching a football match and bwin gives you the opportunity to bet on the outcome. You would need to use the ‘-’ symbol when selecting the team you believe to win.

Now, if you were to bet on a different matter, like the score of the game, you would not need to use the ‘-’ symbol, as this information is already presented on the main betting page.

Can You Use the ‘-’ (Minus) Symbol to Show That You Have Already Filled Out These Forms Before?

Depending on the type of form that you are filling out, you can use the ‘-’ symbol to show that you have already completed that form before.

For example, if you are on a betting site’s registration page and you click the ‘Register’ button, you would see a popup window that asks you to enter your name, email address and password. If you click the ‘-’ symbol next to the ‘Password’ field, you would see a popup indicating that this field is already filled out. If you click the ‘-’ symbol next to the ‘Confirm Password’ field, you would see a second popup indicating that the password field is already filled out.

As you can see, the ‘-’ symbol can be used in different ways on different websites. However, in all cases, it is considered an informal or slang use and is typically limited to quoting prices, making a bet or checking form responses.