What Does Over and Under Mean in Betting?

There is more than one way of betting on sports. People in the UK now have the choice of betting online, via their mobile phones or via apps. Some prefer to place large wagers on major games while others like to spread their bets over as many matches as possible. It really is up to you! So, what does over and under mean in betting?

The Over/Under Method

This is one of the most popular betting methods, especially with football fans. It involves taking a view on whether a team will score more or less than the official figure (usually the linemakers’ pick or the chalkboard’s prediction). For example, if you believe that Liverpool will score two goals or more in Tuesday’s Premier League game against Leicester City, you would bet on this outcome with the payout odds of 1.65 or 2.0 (meaning you would win 2.0 units for every £1 you bet).

The Over/Unders Method

The popular press and TV broadcasters in the UK refer to this as over/under wagering. Essentially, it is a form of betting where you believe a team will either score more or less than the official linemakers’ figure. So, if you are backing Leicester City and believe the linemakers have underestimated their opposition, you would bet on an over result. Here, you would win if Leicester score more than the linemakers predicted. For example, you could bet £10 that they would score 3.0 or more goals. The payout odds are usually 2.0 (win £10 – lose £9) but can be as high as 8.0 (win £40 – lose £20).

The Ladbrokes Method

Like the other methods mentioned so far, this one again involves placing a bet on the outcome of a sports event. However, with this method you are backing the house, namely, Ladbrokes. What is unique about this brand is that they offer different payout options based on whether you bet on a win or a loss. For example, if you bet on a Leicester City win you would win £10, but if you bet on an Under 2.0 score you would win £40. Here, you are essentially playing the role of a bookmaker, but instead of making a profit off of your wagers, you are ensuring that Ladbrokes make a profit off their wagers (which is the whole point of betting, of course).

As you can see, there really is more than one way of betting, and it’s all about personal preferences. Some like to bet large amounts on major games while others like to spread their bets as widely as possible. The key thing is that you should feel confident that you are placing a profitable wager, because ultimately that is what you are trying to achieve – aren’t you?