What Does Over Under Mean in NFL Betting?

Many NFL fans know exactly what over under means. It’s when the total number of points scored by both teams is less than or equal to the score predicted by the sports bettors. But what does it mean when you’re putting down a wager on the game? Let’s take a look.


As the name suggests, under is the opposite of over. When both teams score more than the total number of points predicted by the oddsmakers, the football match is said to be under the line. The number of points scored by the underdogs will be greater than the number of points predicted by the bookies. In other words, the game will be closer than expected. This is often the case when two teams of almost equal strength meet in a sport that lends itself to high-scoring affairs. It’s also common when one team is considerably ahead of the other in the standings. You can learn more about betting the under at the bookmaker’s site.


Like its counterpart under, over is the opposite of under. When the total number of points scored by both teams exceeds that which is predicted by the odds makers, the football match is said to be over the line. In other words, the game will end in a draw with no action taken until the final whistle blows. This is usually the case when one team is significantly superior to the other. The NFL has seen its share of upsets over the years, so much that some games have ended in outright ties. It’s also possible for the game to finish with no score at all. This will happen when both teams decide to go for it on fourth down and the dice don’t favor the home team. The rule is that in the last play of the game, the defense must put the ball in play. If it lands in the hands of the offense, they get one more chance. The strategy is known as “rolling the dice.” You can read more about betting the over at the best sports betting website.


If you’re wondering what over under means exactly, it’s the combination of over and under. When the total number of points scored by both teams is between those that are predicted by the oddsmakers, the result is a draw. However, if one team scores more points than the line predicts, the game is over and the team with the higher score wins. A very close game that ends in a draw is said to be over under. This is often the case in college football, where tight games are a common occurrence. Sometimes the opposite happens and the underdog wins, although this is less frequent. You can learn more about betting the over/under at the source mentioned above.


Another way of laying down a wager on an NFL football match is through the moneyline. This is an option available for people who want to bet without risking too much money on one game. When a sports betting site opens a moneyline market for a matchup, it means it’s accepting wagers on the game. If you’re looking to place a moneyline bet on the NFL, you’ll have to visit a bookmaker’s website outside the United States because American betting sites don’t offer this option. And you’ll have to be willing to place your bet before the game even takes place. There are also some exceptions for college football games, depending on the situation. For instance, in the case of Notre Dame vs. Michigan, you can bet on the Fighting Irish to win the game but not to cover the spread. This is because Notre Dame is a historically dominant team and it’s difficult to put a figure on their victories. When the Irish score an average of more than 33 points per game over a five-year period, it’s considered a safe wager. However, if Michigan is shown to be a strong team in the early going, you might want to consider betting the over.

Point Spread

The point spread is the amount of points by which the favored team is supposed to beat the underdog. You’ll often see this figure expressed as a percentage, followed by the amount it is multiplied by. The point spread is one of the more popular wagering options in the NFL. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this option has its limitations. If you’re looking for a safe wager, point spreads are often a bad choice because there’s no way of knowing how the game is going to play out. This is especially relevant when one of the teams is considered to be weak, in comparison to the other. In those cases, it’s usually better to back the underdog.

As you can see above, over under, over, and moneyline are the most popular betting options in the NFL. However, they are not the only ones. There are literally hundreds of variations of wagering options, which you can learn about at the online sportsbook sites where you can place bets. Just keep in mind that some of these options are more suitable for certain situations than others. When it comes to making a wager on the NFL, one option that’s always available is picking the winner of each individual game.