What Does PK Mean in Football Betting?

People who are new to football betting might not know what exactly the acronym ‘P.K’ stands for. Let’s review the most common meaning of the letters in this acronym in order to provide some helpful context.


The first letter ‘P’ stands for ‘Parlay’. This is a wager where you predict the spread or total number of goals scored in a particular match. You are typically paid if your wager is right, but you have to risk money to make money. You cannot use statistics or analytical tools to predict the number of goals in a football match. Also note that it’s not recommended to bet on the total number of goals in a football match – most bookmakers frown upon this practice and it’s usually not accepted by the bookmakers themselves. For this reason, parlay betting is usually not accepted in football betting.


The next letter ‘K’ stands for ‘Kicker’. This is similar to a Parlay, but instead of betting on the spread of goals, you bet on whether or not the home team will score a goal or an away team will score a goal. You get your money back if the bet is successful, but you have to wager a little bit more in order to win. The advantage of a kicker is that it’s much easier to analyze statistically – most bookmakers provide this feature on their websites. Most importantly, you can use statistics to your advantage when developing your kicker wagers. For example, if you think that the home team will score more often than not in their next match, you might want to put down a small wager on the home team to score first.


The letter ‘A’ stands for ‘Away’. This is where you predict whether or not the visiting team will win the match. As the name implies, this is often the case when the match is played away from home. For example, you might wager that the visiting team will win the match, but if the match is played at home, you would back the home team. It’s also possible to wager whether or not the score will be even, with an away team covering the spread. This is another advantage of betting away from home – you can use statistical models and data to determine the ‘over’ or ‘under’ on the game. It’s also possible to combine both an Away and a Goal wager into a single bet – when you predict whether or not the game will end in a tie, you are typically wagering on both outcomes.


The letter ‘R’ stands for ‘Red’, ‘Roosevelt’, or ‘Raiders’. This is where you make your wager in reference to a president, a governor, or a professional sports team. For example, you might want to wager that the New York Rangers will cover the spread in their next match. You would place a similar bet on a professional football team with the initials ‘NYR’ – the New York Rangers.


The last letter ‘S’ stands for ‘Sport’. This is where you make your wager in reference to a particular sport. For example, if you’re a baseball fan, you might wager on which team will win the World Series. You can utilize the tools available on the betting websites to help you make your wager for optimal results. For example, if you’re a huge fan of the San Francisco Giants and you notice that they are playing in a series against the Detroit Tigers, you might want to make a wager on the Giants to win the series.

Now that you understand what the letters ‘P.K’ stand for, let’s examine an example of a football wager using this acronym.

Let’s say that you believe that the New York Rangers will defeat the Ottawa Senators this coming season. You can start by looking at the odds on the game – the New York Rangers are a popular team with a lot of support, and the Ottawa Senators are a team with a lot of potential, but not a lot of competition right now. The odds on this game are clearly in favor of the New York Rangers. However, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, so you look into making a parlay with a bit of insurance, in case the New York Rangers don’t cover the spread. This is where using the acronym ‘P.K’ comes in handy – you can use ‘PAR’ to represent the New York Rangers, ‘OOS’ to represent the Ottawa Senators, and ‘PK’ to represent the parlay.

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