What Does Plus 3 Mean in Betting?

Plus 3 refers to the extra ‘plus’ side of a soccer/football/soccerball match. If you’re interested in betting or trying out new betting sites/mobile casinos, this article is for you.

Here we’ll answer some of the most common questions about betting and the ‘plus 3’ rule.

Is The ‘Plus 3’ Rule Universal?

No, not at all. In the U.S., most states allow sportsbooks to set juice prices for individual games, but they can’t make that game’s juice price higher than the one for the preceding game. So if you want to use that rule, you’ll have to look at the list of games for that day and choose the one with the lowest juice price.

How Does The ‘Plus 3’ Rule Work?

Let’s say you’re watching the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys play NFL football in December. The game is tied 1-1 in the 4th quarter and the score is 27-27. The current score is displayed along with the total number of points scored in the game. Suddenly, the referee signals a halt to proceedings and checks the time. The 4th quarter has only been going for 13 minutes and 51 seconds. (Yes, that’s a quarter of an hour.)

Since the juice price of a game is based on its time of day, the amount of time left when the whistle finally blows determines the juice price for that game. In the case of the Minnesota vs. Dallas game, since it’s the 4th quarter and the game’s halfway point, the juice price is 3 units (3 x $100 = $300).

In order to avoid any misunderstandings, let’s review. There is no rule that says a game must start at 0-0. Instead, once the coin toss is settled, the teams split into two halves and play five-on-five for the first 20 minutes, or two quarters. At that point, the teams switch to a 3-on-3 formation and play until the game’s end. (This scenario is called a ‘push’ and it happens all the time in professional sports. You can even search for ‘push’ on YouTube to see what I mean.)

What If There Are No Scores When I Check The List Of Games?

In that case, you have to use your best judgement. Sometimes a no-score game can turn out to be the most exciting game you’ll ever see. So in those cases, go with your gut feeling and set the juice price high. On the other hand, if the game’s never going to be tied in the 4th quarter, go with the flow and choose a low juice price.

What If I’m At A Sports Arena?

Many arenas limit the amount of standing patrons they will allow, so it’s always best to find a seat when you go to a game. If you’re at a live sporting event, stay away from the windows and try to find a seat in the middle of the arena. (Seat assignments are usually done by lottery, so you might have to wait a while to get one.) The best situation is to get a seat at the glass so you can see and hear everything clearly. Unfortunately, sometimes those are the most expensive seats, so you might have to pay a bit more than you would for a regular seat.

Can I Bet On Multiple Sports?

Yes, absolutely, but you have to be smart about it. Most bookmakers have sportsbooks that only allow certain numbers of betters to set odds on certain sports. (In the U.S., it is against the law to bet against your favorite team, so this is usually done to avoid attracting fan opposition.) You would not want to limit yourself to just one sport if you are a fan of the NFL, MLB, NBA, or NHL, for example. (There are also some bookmakers that will allow you to bet on more than one sport simultaneously, provided you meet the minimum bet amount for each sport.)

When you are choosing the odds, find the section of the rule book that states how many bets can be made on each sport. This will vary from book to book and state to state, so do some research before placing your bets.

I Don’t Like To Gamble, Can I Still Enjoy NBA Picks?

Punters have long made wagers on the NBA, and it continues to be one of the most popular sports for online betting. You can use this to your advantage by finding a bookmaker that provides live NBA bets. (I recommend bet365, which is one of the world’s largest sportsbooks. They offer a great variety of betting lines and the layout of their website is very user-friendly. You can check out their NBA section for additional information.)

If you’ve gotten this far and you’re still wondering what all the fuss is about, I recommend that you read our guide to online betting or my personal favorite, SportingCharts’ beginner’s guide to betting. It answers all the questions you might have about betting and lays out all the information you need to start betting successfully. (You can also download their free app, which is available for iOS and Android devices. It’s a great way to keep track of your bets and follow the action wherever you go.)