What Does Plus 4 Mean in Betting?

Plus 4, also known as the “bookmaker’s favourite,” is a common betting option in sportsbooks around the world. If someone is paying attention to betting trends but is unsure of what these seemingly innocuous digits mean, this article is for them. We will break down the current trends and make some predictions for the future.

The Rise In Popularity

As countries around the world have relaxed restrictions on sports betting in recent years, bookmakers have responded by offering more betting options to customers. In the United States, for example, state-sponsored lotteries and Indian casinos have led to a boom in fantasy sports and betting, making up 85% of the entire sports betting market according to the NPD group. Worldwide, the fantasy sports/betting market is expected to hit £12.9 billion annually. In the U.S., that’s more than $26 billion in projected annual revenue.

Along with fantasy sports, Plus 4 has become extremely popular as an option in betting. In the U.S., about 18 million people are estimated to have played at least one game of fantasy sports in 2020. That’s about 77% of the country. In the UK, the number of people using Plus 4 is projected to hit 2.2 million in 2021, up from 1.45 million in 2019. In Germany, the number of people using Plus 4 is projected to hit 3.9 million in 2021, up from 3.1 million in 2019.

Why Are People Choosing It In The First Place?

It’s likely that people are choosing Plus 4 because it’s familiar and easy to use. After all, if someone is familiar with using a bookmaker, why not continue using them for sports betting? It would appear that ease of use is the key to the success of Plus 4, as well as many other betting options, such as 2-1-2, 3-1-3, and 5-1-5.

While most bookmakers offer only traditional odds, some newer ones have started to offer some intriguing options, such as the 3-1-3 or 5-1-5. For instance, the 3-1-3 option allows a bettor to lay $100 on any sporting event, with odds favoring neither team in particular. As mentioned, the 5-1-5 option is the bookmaker’s favorite as it allows them to take your $100 and make $500 if your bet is successful. Not only is this a tempting offer for a relatively low risk, but you’re also getting an edge on the bookmaker by using a formula that takes into account all the matchups, not just the one game you’re interested in.

What’s Next?

From a betting perspective, there’s no telling what will come in the future. With more people playing and more options for betting available, the future of sports betting looks extremely exciting.