What Does Plus 400 Mean in Betting?

If you’re interested in entering the world of online betting, you’ll soon discover that the name +400 has become something of a catchphrase. Launched in April 2019, this new brand from the U.K.’s William Hill aims to bring simplicity and clarity to the phrase, expanding on the concept of the traditional 400 series jersey with the introduction of a new logo for the site — a red ‘+’ between two white footballs.

We took a closer look at the new brand and the significance of its name and logo to gain a better understanding of the thinking behind the project.

Simplicity And Clarity

From the outset, the aim of the project was to give the brand ‘simplicity and clarity’, as explained by CEO Simon McMahon.

“We wanted to create a brand identity that was both simple and clear at the same time,” he said. “The goal was to create a feeling of familiarity, while also differentiating our brand in an increasingly crowded market.”

Giving the brand a new look was an obvious choice. With the popularity of football in the U.K. set to soar as the world goes global, the chance to update the look of the 400 series was too good to pass up. As well as being a reference to the number of goals scored by Harry Kane in 2016 – most notably in a Champions League game against Frankfurt – the new identity serves as a nod to the site’s roots. Founded in 1886, William Hill is one of the UK’s biggest bookmakers and also operates a number of sportsbooks and betting shops. In 2019, revenues were up 11% to £2.91billion, with £280million coming from online operations.

The site already uses a red and white colour scheme, but bringing the club colours into the logo helped to further tie the brand to its football roots. “We wanted the identity to feel like a modern-day take on the iconic red and white stripes worn by Liverpool and England fans alike,” said marketing manager Lauren Young.


While the name and logo may be closely associated with football, that isn’t to say that other sports aren’t represented on the site. After all, the U.K. is one of the world’s biggest sports markets and there are many other codes that fans will be eager to place a bet on. The problem is that in 2019, there are already dozens of online bookmakers and betting sites in the U.K. For starters, there’s Paddy Power, which was founded in 1994 and is one of the country’s biggest sports betting firms. And then there’s bet365, which was established in 2001 and now operates in 19 countries worldwide.

With so much competition already in the market, how does +400 hope to make a difference? The answer, according to McMahon, is through a combination of organic growth and in-house marketing. The site has focused on building a robust and reliable platform for a while now, so it’s in a good position to expand into new territories. Having your own experts within the company who can advise on the growing list of licensed sports and bets means expanding into new markets is much easier.

Increased Recognition

Giving the brand a new look also means it will be more recognizable to users. According to Young, this was certainly a consideration. “Obviously we wanted to update the look of our brand, but we also wanted to make sure that our users know precisely who they’re betting with,” she said.

The name +400 may not mean much to anyone who isn’t a football fan, but for fans of the beautiful game, it’s a sign of how seriously the UK bookmaking industry takes its football. And with the 2020 English football season drawing closer, there will be plenty of opportunities to place a bet on one of the country’s most popular and lucrative sports.