What Does Plus 5 Mean in Betting?

Plus 5 is a betting exchange that was founded in May 2019 in London. The company was started by ex-Googlers who were frustrated that the mainstream sportsbooks they were using didn’t offer a crypto currency option. After looking into the problem, they decided to build an entire betting exchange around solving this issue.

Plus 5 is a combination of Latin and Math. The former represents strength and the latter represents speed. If you need something done fast, you’ll use Plus 5 because they specialize in getting things done, fast.

Unlike most other betting exchanges, Plus 5 doesn’t rely on market makers to provide liquidity in their markets. This could make a world of difference in terms of providing better values to their customers. Market makers, also known as liquidity providers, are third parties that many exchanges rely upon to ensure that they have enough sellers and buyers in their markets at all times. With liquidity being such a necessary component in finance, it’s no wonder why so many betting exchanges rely on market makers to provide it. However, this model has its disadvantages because it creates a dependency on third parties that can be affected by the same liquidity issue.

In order to avoid this problem, Plus 5 has created what they call a “dual reserve system.” This means that they keep a certain amount of crypto currency in reserve and use this to directly back their markets, instead of depending on market makers to provide liquidity. This also means that there will never be a limit to the amount of crypto currency that Plus 5 can offer in their markets. When a customer makes a bet, the bet is settled in real-time in crypto currency.

This approach has multiple advantages. For one thing, it means that there is always enough liquidity in their markets because they are keeping a reserve and using it directly to back their books. This minimizes the risk of having to limit the number of bets that can be placed in a given market. It also means that customers have access to a much wider array of markets and betting options than they would if they were relying on market makers to provide liquidity. Finally, the fact that the bet is settled in real-time, rather than at the end of the day, means there is no limit to how much a customer can win or lose, as long as the market is opened and they use it wisely. This makes Plus 5 a lot more flexible and provides much better values to their customers, in general.


In May 2021, Plus 5, along with BitMex and YoBit, were added to the cryptocurrency blacklist by the United Kingdom’s financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority. The exchange was blacklisted due to concerns about money laundering and security. The other two exchanges on this list are also on the controversial list of crypto exchanges operated by the FBI. This added pressure upon Plus 5 to upgrade their security measures. The company responded to this pressure by increasing the price of their popular Viacoin (VIC) token by 500% in a single day.

However, these intense regulatory pressures were only felt by those three cryptocurrency exchanges. Bitstamp, CEX.IO, and CoinEgg, (the latter of which is also on the FBI’s list) did not experience any noticeable effects from this move. This suggests that while the cryptocurrency environment is ever-changing, there are still thousands of established, reputable cryptocurrency exchanges that meet the highest cybersecurity standards. Bitstamp, for example, recently launched a new security measure, called SecuROM, that uses a 256-bit encryption that is hardware-based.

Founding Team

The team behind Plus 5 is experienced, having built and sold two previous companies. As a result, they have a lot of knowledge about both the crypto and mainstream finance worlds. In addition to this, they have an inhouse team that builds, customizes, and maintains their platforms and applications. Finally, they have a legal and compliance department, which ensures that they operate within the bounds of all applicable laws and regulations.

In general, all of this makes for a very well-oiled machine that is quite ready to take on the crypto market. They have also made strategic partnerships with well-known brands, such as Paysafecard and Tenet Bank, which should ensure that they can gain quick traction in the market. If you’re looking for an exchange with a lot of experience and a track record of successful development, then you should consider Plus 5. They also provide a lot of useful information about cryptocurrencies online, which makes them a great place for beginners to learn about this new asset class.

Market Performance

As a new exchange, Plus 5 operates in a fairly limited slice of the market. They currently offer sports betting, with a strong focus on American sports. This is not a bad place to start, as the United States is one of the more mature markets when it comes to sports betting. Due to the relatively small scale of the market, they are also able to offer much better values than some of their larger rivals. As a result, they have quite the following already. In fact, they were the world’s 8th most popular cryptocurrency exchange, according to data from CoinMarketCap, as of April 2021.

This makes them a great choice for traders looking for an easy place to get into the action. In addition to this, many large cryptocurrency holders, such as bitcoin and ethereum’s founders, have taken an interest in Plus 5. This suggests that there is a lot of demand for good value and reliable service in the cryptocurrency space.

Plus 5 is available in a number of different ways for different platforms. For instance, Android and iOS users can use the Coinbase app to easily purchase cryptocurrencies or tokens with fiat currency, or use a hardware wallet, like the Ledger Wallet or the Trezor, to keep their digital assets safe. PC users can download the MetaTrader 4 platform, or use an external wallet, like HDFC Multifaith which allows for the storage of all major cryptocurrencies along with fiat currency, or an OTC trading platform, like Plus 5’s own built-in Trade route, for direct access to liquidity providers.


The crypto space can be a fairly closed community, which makes it easy for people to get in touch with each other and find like-minded people to connect with online. As a result, there are many important roles that can be played by users within this space, aside from just buying and selling cryptocurrency. In the case of Plus 5, much of this activity happens on social media platforms, particularly Twitter. This is where users can join discussions about various topics, such as cryptocurrency, with experts sharing valuable information and answering questions. It is also a great place to find people who are open to new ideas and who want to share their knowledge.

As a company that is quite active on social media, especially Twitter, it is important to Plus 5’s success. Just search for the #plus5 or #crypto on Twitter and you’ll be able to join the conversation, with many relevant answers to your questions.


If you’re looking for a new cryptocurrency exchange to try out, then Plus 5 is a great choice. They have a lot to offer, including a proven track record of success, a founding team that is experienced in both crypto and traditional finance, and a customer base that already includes some of the biggest names in crypto. In addition, they provide a safe and secure place for people to store and trade their cryptocurrency. All of this, along with their focus on American sports, should ensure that they can gain a sizable chunk of the market, particularly in the United States, as a whole.