What Does Press A Series Mean in Sports Betting?

If you’re new to sports betting, you may be wondering what does the “press a series” line mean. Don’t worry – we’re here to explain!

A quick glance at any online sportsbook will tell you that there’s a lot of jargon and complicated betting phrases cropping up. But there’s also a lot of good stuff too, like “pick ’em” and “against the spread”, that you might not have encountered before. It can be a little daunting moving into sports betting, but don’t worry – there’s a lot of friendly advice out there.

Here’s some of the common phrases you may hear when betting, and what they mean.

What Is The “Series” In Press A Series?

We mentioned above that there’s a lot of jargon and betting phrases in sports. One of the most confusing terms is “series”, which can be used in a variety of ways when betting on sports. For the purpose of this article, we’ll break down the meaning of the popular press a series bet.

A series is a collection of games that are part of a larger ongoing competition. If you’re new to sports betting, you might wonder what a “series” is and whether or not you should be involved in a series bet. Let’s take the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors as an example. These two teams are in the midst of one of the most famous and highly-competitive rivalships in American sports. This year, the teams will be playing each other a total of six times through to early April, with three games at each arena. As you may have guessed, this is a very popular series to bet on. Additionally, many bookmakers will offer you an array of pre-game props, like “who will score the first goal?” or “will Team A score more than 18 points in the game?” These kinds of bets can be found at online bookies around the country.

Do I Need To Bet On All The Games In A Series?

Even if you’re a seasoned sports bettor, you may still be wondering whether you need to bet on all the games in a series or whether or not it’s acceptable to bet on some of them and not others. To put it simply, if a game is cancelled or postponed, you’ll wind up paying out more than you win, so it’s in your best interest to avoid that game or the entire series.

However, in some cases, it may be acceptable to bet on only a select few games in a series. For example, say there’s a baseball series between the Miami Marlins and the New York Yankees. You may decide to bet on Game 1 at Marlins Park, but not Game 6 at Yankee Stadium, if you think the weather conditions will make it too difficult to get a good pitch. Even if you’re not sure whether or not this is a good idea, at least it’s a way to ensure you win, and it will all work out in the end.

When Is The Series Usually Over?

Once the six games in a series have been played, won, and settled, what happens next? Generally, you’ll have four to six weeks to wait until the next installment of the series takes place. During this time, you’ll encounter one of the biggest frustrations in sports betting. That is, unless you’re really fortunate enough to have all your bets come in, which usually doesn’t happen.

This is where the concept of a “series” gets really frustrating. If you’re lucky enough to have all your bets come in before the end of the competitive portion of the series, you’ll win in the end. But if you have to wait until the next game to find out the winner, you’ll be forced to go through the same excruciating experience all over again. This is why you should avoid betting on sports that have series.

Do The Teams Always Play In The Same City?

Even if you’re a big football fan, you may not know much about the other sports that take place in the cities where the football teams reside. For example, the National Hockey League doesn’t take place during the summer, so it wouldn’t make sense for the Chicago Blackhawks to be playing the Los Angeles Kings in California. Not to mention that the Kings would have to travel across the country for a few games during the winter too.

However, things are a little different in the world of pro football. The National Football League actually holds eight rounds of games each year, which means games are played at various times throughout the year. The exact dates of these games will vary from season to season, but the general rule is at least two games per week, with one game on Saturdays and the other on Sundays. Additionally, teams will often play multiple games in the same day, so getting tickets may be difficult even for the most ardent fans. This is one of the reasons why you may want to avoid betting on football if you’re looking for a new way to spend your free time.

What About Overtime?

Another thing you may not know about is the potential for extended periods of overtime in professional sports. It’s pretty common for NFL games to go into a sudden-death overtime, and many other sports, like the NCAA basketball tournament, play with only one team huddling at a time during the game, which can lead to lengthy periods of time with little action. This is also one of the reasons why you may want to avoid betting on sports with extended overtime periods.

Do I Need To Adjust My Betting Strategy Based On The Time Of The Year?

There’s one more thing you may need to keep in mind if you’re going to be betting on sports, and that is the time of year. Generally, most sports take place during the summer, which can be great if you’re a fan of football or basketball, but can be problematic if you’re looking for action in other sports, like baseball or hockey. This is because most of these sports don’t have much action beyond the summer. It can be difficult to find a team that’s worth following, especially in the NHL, where every team is pretty much equally matched. This is why if you’re looking for a way to bet, you may want to steer clear of the summer months.

On the other side of the spectrum, winter sports may be worth the risk. Generally, it’s a great time to bet on ice hockey, with lots of action available and the season pretty much over by the time the weather gets bad. You may also be able to find some value in the NCAA basketball tournament if your team is making a deep run, and the end of the NFL season is near, which means there isn’t a lot of season left for other sports, like baseball. In general, the winter is a great time to be a sports bettor, with the odds generally in your favor.

What About The Weather?

Another thing you may need to keep in mind if you’re going to be betting on sports is the weather. It’s important to check the weather around the area where the game is being played, as well as the weather conditions in the other stadiums or arenas where the teams may or may not stop by during the course of the game. If you’re in San Francisco and it’s raining or hailing cats and dogs, you may want to avoid going to Oracle Arena, where the Golden State Warriors play. It may be that the game will be ruined by the weather, so try to find the bet that doesn’t have the weather as a defining factor.

Just How Complicated Is Betting On Sports?

It’s one thing to know the basics of whether or not you should be betting on sports or, at the very least, to know what the typical odds are like. But if you’re looking to get really complex and figure out exact strategies, you may encounter a language barrier. This is especially true if you’re not used to dealing with sports books and casinos, which are the places where you may find the expert sports bettors. You may want to avoid betting on sports if you don’t know how to read a linegraph or if you can’t follow simple directions.

Fortunately, the good people at BetOnline.com speak English, so if you follow their sound advice, you’ll have no trouble understanding betting lines and all the different types of bets available. Plus, they have a really cool tool which can help you figure out how much you need to wager to achieve your desired winnings. So, if you’re looking for a place to start your sports betting journey, or if you just want to learn the basics, check out BetOnline.com.