What Does Schill Betting Mean?

It is fair to say that the name Schill betting is unknown to many people, which is rather unfortunate because this betting style is rather popular these days. Essentially, Schill betting is a combination of the German sports betting company, Schulze, and the well-known British bookmaker, William Hill. The resulting brand is a clear indication of how seriously this “marriage” is taking place, and it is definitely a match made in heaven as far as gaming and sports are concerned. This article will give you a complete rundown of what exactly Schill betting is and how it works.


Schulze and Hill have been partners for many years, and it is well-known that the latter was searching for a way to get back into the sports betting business after several years of absence. In order to do this, he teamed up with Schulze, who already had a foot in the door as a supplier of wagering technology to sportsbooks. This was back in 2011, and since then, Schulze has been providing sportsbooks with technologically advanced betting terminals, as well as software that is able to run these terminals. The result is that today, Schill betting has established itself as the ultimate hybrid betting brand, with the software and technology belonging to Schulze, and the betting exchanges and odds provided by Hill.


Although the name Schill betting may not be familiar, there are actually a number of terms associated with this brand that players should know. First off, let’s discuss the odds. The majority of sportsbooks around the world utilize a formula known as “the house edge” when setting their odds. This is simply the odds that the sportsbook is allowing themselves to pay away from the average winning bettor. For example, if a sportsbook offers $100 dollars on the Cleveland Cavaliers vs Los Angeles Lakers, and you wager $100 on Cleveland, your winnings will be $0. This is because the house edge is essentially 0.95% (100 divided by 100), meaning you will need to win $9.50 in order to break even. Another way of looking at this is that you will need to win $109.50 in order to win $100, so you are actually risking $9.50 in the first place.


As mentioned above, one of the primary reasons why Schill betting has become so popular is due to the fact that it is offering a unique blend of features that competitors simply do not have. First off, the odds are extremely competitive, with most books offering odds that are dramatically better than the norm. This is due in large part to the fact that William Hill is one of the biggest bookmakers in the world, and they are able to pass on their savings to customers. Additionally, most gambling sites offer many more sports than William Hill does, so naturally, they will have to make up for it with superior odds. Finally, many online sportsbooks allow for live betting, which means if you are an addicted gambler who can’t sit idly by and wait for results, you can place wagers while the game is still in progress.

Overall Impression

In general, one must agree that Schill betting is a well-designed product that simply works. From a user experience standpoint, accessing your account is extremely easy as you merely need to enter your username and password. Once this is done, you will be presented with a short list of the latest matches and events, along with the top odds for these games. Additionally, the site design is rather plain but functional, and it is easy to navigate. Finally, one of the best features of this site is the customer support, which as mentioned by other reviewers, is readily available 24/7 via live chat and email, as well as a toll-free phone number offered throughout the U.S.

In conclusion, Schill betting is a safe bet for those who like to place wagers on sports, as it combines the best of both worlds in terms of software and odds. This product would be particularly appealing to those who are seeking an alternative to traditional bookmakers, as many sportsbooks do not allow for certain individuals to enter their odds, due to risk regulations and terms of service. If you’re looking for a reputable sports betting company that is able to offer cutting edge technology while staying within the legal boundaries of sports wagering, then Schill betting is the perfect choice. In addition, if you are based in the U.S., you may also want to check out the other online sportsbooks that are currently accepting new customers, as well as those that are available in the state of Nevada, as this is where Schill betting is officially offered.