What Does “SGP” Mean in Betting?

Most people aren’t exactly sure what the acronym SGP stands for. However, it’s a common abbreviation in gambling. If you’re not familiar, SGP means Stargazer Gaming Point. This is the currency used by Stargazer Gaming for its games. One point equals one dollar. So, in the context of gambling, SGP usually refers to the money used to play games on the site. For more information on this topic, check out this helpful guide by Mister B.

What Are The Most Popular Games On Stargazer Gaming?

The following are the top five games on Stargazer Gaming, based on the number of players:

  • Crackle Bee (20M+ players)
  • Blackjack (16M+ players)
  • Gin Rummy (14M+ players)
  • Triple-Double Deluxe (12M+ players)
  • Fishing Derby (11M+ players)

This data comes from Statista.com. It’s interesting to compare this to the most popular games on Mister B’s site. The following table lists the top five games based on player count and the percentage increase in popularity since Mister B’s inception:

Rank Game Popularity (in millions) % Increase Since
1 Crackle Bee 20.0 +1300% 2017
2 Gin Rummy 14.0 +800% 2015
3 Triple-Double Deluxe 12.1 +600% 2014
4 Blackjack 11.3 +400% 2013
5 Fishing Derby 10.1 +300% 2012

How Does Stargazer Gaming Compare To Mister B?

Now, it’s important to compare Stargazer Gaming to Mister B not in a Head-to-Head fashion, but rather look at the games available on each site. You can see below what games are available on each site.

The truth is, there are more games on Mister B than Stargazer Gaming. However, Stargazer Gaming offers more competitive odds and a better user experience. Also, since Stargazer Gaming is just one of the many names used by Mister B, it doesn’t have the same prestige that the Mister B name carries with it. For example, Stargazer Gaming is not affiliated with any of the famous Mister BFamous gambling brands. Finally, Stargazer Gaming lets you use Bitcoin for payments, which Mister B does not currently support.

The bottom line is, Stargazer Gaming is a solid choice for people who like their odds and their experience when it comes to games. If you’re looking for a premier online gambling site, Mister B can still be your best option. Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us by opening a Trusted Reviews new account.