What Does Smiley Betting On The Parsons’ Wife Mean?

Somewhere in London, England, a man named John Parsons is sitting at home, eating a sandwich. His wife is sitting at the table with him, reading a book. He is in his early 30s, and she is in her mid-20s. Maybe she has just returned from a shopping trip with her girlfriends. Or perhaps she is just finishing her breakfast. Suddenly, the phone rings, and he answers it. It is a friend of his, inviting him to place a bet on a horse race. To win, the horse must finish in the first three places. But there’s a problem: The horse is named “Smiley”, and he doesn’t like this name at all. So he refuses to place the bet. But John has already entered the bet in his friend’s name, and now he is stuck. And that’s when the situation gets really awkward. Because the guy on the other end of the line won’t take no for an answer, and insists that the bet be placed before the day is over, or he’ll have to pay damages. And what does that mean for John and Mary? They’ll have to find a way to come up with the £500, otherwise they’ll be facing some pretty nasty consequences. So what does this bizarre scenario mean? Let’s find out.

What Do The Odds Of Winning Mean?

First off, it means that your odds of winning are very low. Because in the long run you are more likely to lose than you are to win. There are simply too many variables that can cause the race to come in other than the one you have in mind when you placed your bet. This is called the “The Gambler’s Fallacy”. But even if the race goes your way, the odds are still against you. Because there is a probability that an event like this will happen:

  • The betting exchanges are open for business 24/7. So you can bet as soon as the horse race begins.
  • There are people who enjoy betting, and will use your winnings to continue chasing a good time.
  • You’ll meet all kinds of folks who are willing to take your money, help you place your bets, or take your money and run. (Remember, we are living in the internet era—trust is rare, and you will be shocked by the number of scammers out there.)
  • You have to keep checking the results, because sometimes the horses die, or a race is cancelled.
  • Sometimes the results are rigged, and sometimes they aren’t.
  • The pizza delivery guy is a lot like the hotel receptionist. They are both likely to show up at your door at some point or other when you are in need of their services.
  • There are always unexpected expenses, like the £500 that John Parsons had to pay out.
  • And last but not least, if you do happen to win, you’ll have to pay tax on the winnings. Because all gambling profits are taxable.

Is It Worth The Risk?

It is always tempting to want to try your luck at gambling, simply because it’s easy money. You place your bets, and everything is taken care of. There’s no need to do anything else. You keep betting, and sooner or later you will hit the jackpot. But the problem with this type of betting is that eventually, you will lose. Sooner or later you will be out of money, and then you will have to go back to square one. It would be better to find a way to make a living without having to rely on gambling. After all, when you think about it, gambling is only a problem because it’s easy money. If you’re not willing to risk losing, then there’s no reason to get into the game in the first place. And when you do lose, you’ll be faced with the fact that you’ve spent a large portion of your life savings. This can be very depressing, especially if you’re already experiencing financial problems. So try to keep your winnings and use them for emergencies. And when you do lose, don’t get upset. Just take a break, and then you’ll be better off than you were before. This is not to say that you shouldn’t enjoy yourself when you’re winning. It’s all about how you want to play and how you want to feel. If you feel like taking a chance, then go for it. But if you’re feeling lucky, then why not try your hand at investing? There are many opportunities to get your money back when you do decide to invest it, and then some.

Why Is Smiley Buried On The Parnassus?

Somewhere in Greece, a man named Michael Phelps is sitting at a table, drinking a Coke. He is in his early 40s, and has twin babies in jean carriers on either side of him. He is a brilliant cardiologist, and has just finished treating a patient. Now he is reflecting on his career, and wondering if he will ever be able to settle down and have a family of his own. Because his professional life is so stressful, and because he is already facing the possibility of never having a family, he decides to place a bet on this race just to pass the time, and see how things turn out. The odds of this race turning out as he wants them to are rather low. The horse is named “Smiley”, and he doesn’t like this name at all. So he decides to bury him on Parnassus, the highest peak in Greece. The last time this happened was in 2016, when a horse named “Smiley” won the Triple Crown. This scenario has several possible endings. Either Michael wins, and ends up on the mountain with his horse. Or, he loses, and has to go home without him. If you think that this is strange, you’re right. And that’s why it’s called a “strange” bet. Because there’s a pretty good chance that it will end up as something strange. But until then, it’s a pretty cool story about a bachelor who decided to take a chance and see what happens. And maybe one day he’ll decide to share his winnings with someone special. Who knows? Maybe this will be you.