What Does t8 Mean in Baseball Betting Lines?

We’re just a few days away from the start of the Major League Baseball season, which means it’s time to start thinking about how to place sports wagers. Perhaps the most popular sport to place wagers on is baseball, and several books have been written about betting on baseball. One of the most popular books among bettors is Mike Bailey’s The Baseball Betting Guide, 1st Ed. It’s the perfect gift for the upcoming Major League Baseball fan in your life, because it covers all the essentials for betting accurately. If you’re looking for a concise and easy to understand guide to baseball betting and lines, then this is the book you need to get.

There’s a lot of information in The Baseball Betting Guide, but for those new to the game, here’s a quick summary of what the book teaches:

The Basics Of Baseball Betting

If you’re new to baseball betting, you’ll find it helpful to familiarize yourself with several terms used throughout the book. These terms are as follows:


This is the amount of money you’re willing to risk on a bet. The general rule of thumb is to use even money lines when betting on baseball, because half the time the favorite will win and half the time the underdog will. You should avoid using money lines on a bet with two big-name teams because the lines will be very long and it’s usually best to choose sides that are more consistent.


This is the team that you believe will win the game. The favorite is the team that people are more likely to bet on, because it’s usually thought to be more talented. However, if you look at the history books you’ll see that the favorite hasn’t always won the crown. The opposite, of course, is also true. In the event of a close game, or a game in which one team is significantly better than the other, the term under dog can be used to reference the opposing team.


This is the team that people are betting on to win the game. The general public tends to favor the home team in baseball, but that usually doesn’t mean much. It’s not uncommon for the favored team to trail in the early innings of a game, and then turn the tables and win by a large margin in the latter half of the game. This phenomenon is called the “favored-then-bettered” strategy in sports betting circles, because it leads to consistent profits as long as the numbers don’t change.


This is the amount your winning bet should be covered by. In other words, if you wager $10 on a game and the team you bet on wins, you’ll need to put up $10 in order to win your initial investment. For example, if you bet $10 on the Red Sox and they win, you’ll need to pay $10 back to your bookmaker. In the case of a pick’em game, or one in which only one team is involved, payback is simply the amount wagered. For example, if you bet $10 on the Red Sox team and they win, you’ll need to pay $10 back to your bookmaker. In some instances, depending on how the bookmaker handles cases like this, you may or may not have to pay back a penny, but usually you’ll need to pay at least $1.

To come back to the question of what t8 means in baseball betting lines, here’s a quick rundown. The 8 in t8 refers to the 8 ball, which is the official ball used in Major League Baseball. This year, the 8 ball will be manufactured by Spalding. The t refers to “throwing,” which in this case means a relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox will throw the first pitch at game time. This year, the pitcher is Rafael Devers, who will make his professional debut on Thursday, April 4th when the Red Sox play host to the Milwaukee Brewers. The number 8 has special significance in baseball, because it represents the Boston Red Sox. Therefore, the number t8 represents a special, one-time event for the Beantown baseball fans. In some books, this particular game is listed under the heading “Opening Day.”

The Basics Of Baseball Betting (cont.)

After you become familiar with the various terms used throughout the book, you’ll be able to place bets on baseball more confidently. Here’s a quick rundown of the rest of the information contained within The Baseball Betting Guide, 1st Ed.:

Betting On Baseball

When it comes to placing bets on baseball, there are several things you need to keep in mind. First, make sure you access a reliable source of information when doing your research. This way, you’ll be sure to get the most out of your wagers. Another thing to keep in mind is oddsmaker.com, a website that provides information on sports odds and betting lines. Having this information at your fingertips will make it much easier to keep tabs on winning odds, and help you make smarter wagers. In addition to this, make sure you look at the spread, which is the difference between the point spread and the over under, because this is typically where you’ll find the best odds. In the case of a game with only one team, the spread will be zero.

Special Events And Records

There are several special events that you need to be aware of when betting on baseball. The first of these is opening day. This is the day the Major League Baseball season begins, and consists of a pair of games between the Chicago White Sox and the Boston Red Sox. Depending on when they open, sometimes there are breaks in between the season, and at other times the games are played back-to-back. In some instances, the season begins early and there’s no break, so you’ll need to figure out the best way to capitalize on this. In terms of records, several statistics are tracked throughout the season. These statistics keep track of things like batting averages, home runs, and runs scored among others. The best way to learn more about these records is by getting a copy of the official baseball stats book, which is published by Baseball America.

When To Bet

As mentioned above, baseball is one of the most popular sports to bet on, and this is especially true in the United States. Because there are numerous games each week, it’s important to determine when is the best time to wager on baseball. Luckily, there’s an easy answer to this question, and it’s simply “now.” Waiting until the last minute to make a wager just because there’s a lot of excitement then, can hurt your chances of winning. It’s always better to make a wager as soon as possible, because odds are you’ll at least need to wager something in order to follow the game. Another important factor to consider is the line. In the above example, you’ll notice that there was no line given for the game between the Red Sox and the Brewers, but in all other instances there is usually at least some sort of line for baseball. The closer the number, the more excited people get, because the more likely it is that your pick will win. However, too many “booksie” and you risk getting burned, because there are always “favorites” that people will bet on, just because they’re “favorite teams.”

Once you become more familiar with the betting terms and strategies used in regards to baseball, you’ll be able to place winning wagers with relative ease. Not only that, but you’ll be able to place more sophisticated bets, which is what the books are all about. For those new to the game, or for those who want to place bets but don’t understand the terminology being used, this book is a great place to start. With baseball season upon us, it’s time to start thinking about how to place sports bets, and for those wanting to make smarter wagers, this book is a must-read.