What Does the + Mean in Spread Betting?

The plus (“+”) sign is a common addition in sportsbook notation. It usually follows a formula of some sort, like rate + amount, to indicate a discounted price or special promotion. In most cases, you’ll see this addition written on a sportsbook’s website or in their app in the form of a special offer; mostly likely, you’ll have to visit the site or download the app to see it.

Whether you’re a professional sports bettor or someone who follows the games casually, you’re bound to come across a situation where you need to know what the + sign means. Luckily, we’re here to save the day! In this article, we’ll break down the basics of what the + sign means in betting so you can make the right choices when your bookkeeper (or accountant) asks you for the big fat bonus they owe you.

The Basics Of What The + Sign Means In Spread Betting

You might be familiar with spread betting if you’ve ever watched the game show, The Price Is Right. In that case, you know that the hostess stops by the merchandise booth every few minutes to ask the contestants a math problem. For example, she might say, “Three cars are selling for $20,000. You’ve got $40,000 to spend. How much would you like to spend?” The contestant then has to calculate the exact cost of what they want in terms of multiplying the amount by the rate. If they get the price correct, they win!

In a nutshell, spread betting is the practice of making wagers on games with two or more teams or competitors. The goal is to predict the winners of certain sports and odds movements, and with practice and proper use of spread betting apps, tools, and websites, you can certainly achieve great success in this endeavor.

To start, you’ll need to determine what the + sign in spread betting stands for. As mentioned above, it usually indicates a discounted rate or special promotion, so let’s explore a couple of examples.

Example #1: The Rams Plus The Spread

In this particular scenario, you’re reading an offer from the Los Angeles Rams. The offer, which you’ll see above, contains the usual “+” sign and has the rate and amount of $3.89 written on it. What does that mean?

As a sports bettor, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the Los Angeles Rams, one of the most successful teams in the NFL. They’ve won eleven straight games this year and are currently 6-1. Based on that recent success, you might want to place a wager on them to continue the winning streak.

However, before you do that, you need to understand what the + sign means. If you take a look at the Rams’ website, you’ll see that this is a special promotion where you can get $3.89 in free bets from the team. This is an indication that the Rams are currently offering a great price to anyone who opens an account with them. Keep in mind that this is a limited-time offer so you’ll want to act quickly!

As I mentioned above, proper use of spread betting apps, tools, and websites can lead to great success. One such tool is MyBookie. They’re a popular betting exchange with over 500 million accounts across the globe. If you ever visit their site, you’ll see this offer displayed on the homepage. Naturally, you’ll want to click on the offer to open a free account and start making some wagers.

Example #2: Liverpool +1.5 To Win

This time, we’ve got an offer from Liverpool FC. As you might expect, given the English team’s recent form, there are plenty of sports bettors looking to wager on them. However, as with the Rams example, not all offers from Liverpool are created equal. Take a look at this offer from the English side of the football world:

  • Price: $5.00
  • Odds: 1.5
  • Spread: +1.5
  • Description: Liverpool will be playing Crystal Palace on April 6th.

As you can see, the Liverpool offer is quite different from the Rams one. The most obvious difference is the amount, which is five times bigger. The price is also significantly higher, which means this is a desirable offer for anyone who’s looking to make a wager. The rate is $5 for every £1 (or $5 per hundred units) you bet, so you’ll need to calculate the cost of the item you want to buy in order to determine how much you need to bet, on a relative basis. Let’s assume you want to buy a Tiffany & Co. tumbler. The cost of that particular item is approximately $20. If you multiply $20 by 5, you’ll get $100. That’s quite a saving, compared to the $40 you’d need to wager in order to achieve the same winning outcome with the Los Angeles Rams.

As mentioned above, spread betting is all about making predictions and analyzing odds. One great tool for that is a website called BestBetSports.com. It was designed by a professional sports bettor who understands the ins and outs of analyzing odds and the importance of proper research. This tool is extremely simple to use and includes all the major sportsbooks and odds comparison sites, in one place. BestBetSports.com makes research quick and easy and helps you avoid the mistakes that the average person makes when gambling online (i.e., not using tools like this one!).

You can use this website to do all your research before making any wagers. When you open an account with them, you’ll see this amazing offer, which was selected by the site’s algorithm based on your interests:

  • Price: $5.00
  • Odds: 1.5
  • Spread: +1.5
  • Description: Liverpool will be playing Crystal Palace on April 6th.
  • Venue: Wembley Stadium, London

If you click on the link above, you’ll be taken to BestBetSports.com’s offer page. On this page, you’ll see all the above information as well as two places where you can place your wager:

  • on the upcoming game
  • between Liverpool and Crystal Palace

After entering your credit card information, you’ll be taken to a confirmation page where you can review your account information. Once you’ve reviewed it and are happy with the terms, you can click on the place your wager now button. What happens next depends on whether you chose to bet on the game or the fantasy match:

  • If you bet on the game, you’ll be re-directed to the selected sportsbook’s website.
  • If you bet on the fantasy match, you’ll be presented with a menu of the participating websites as well as an option to create an account if you don’t already have one.

As you can see, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to placing a wager. Additionally, you can use the menu to easily toggle between the different sportsbooks. At the end of the day, it’s all about making the right choice and understanding how each option works. Proper use of tools like this one can certainly lead to great success when it comes to betting.

More Examples Of What The + Sign Means In Spread Betting

In the previous examples, we looked at how to utilize the + sign when making wagers on sporting events. As you might expect, there are other uses for this important symbol in spread betting. Let’s explore a couple of examples.

Example #3: NFL Public Betting

In this situation, you’re looking at an offer from TopBet.com, which specializes in “public betting”. In other words, they allow any person with a valid credit card to make wagers, regardless of whether or not they have an account with the sportsbook. This is the modern equivalent of the corner bookie, who would look at you as a stranger and say, “Hey, kid. What’s your name? I don’t know you. I don’t know your credit card. So, why should I give you money for no reason?” Thanks to the internet and technology, this stigma has been erased. Today, anyone can walk into a bookie office and physically make a wager. However, most online sportsbooks, including TopBet, offer additional perks to their valued customers, like discounted rates and access to VIP programs.