What Does the Money Column Mean for Betting?

The first step to winning big on the sports betting side is understanding what the money column means. This article will help provide an in-depth explanation of what the money column means for betting so that you can become more effective at betting and, thus, win more often.

Understanding Sportsbooks And Online Sportsbooks

A sportsbook is a bookmaker that mostly offers betting options for sports. Most sportsbooks allow you to bet on the outcomes of sporting events such as football, basketball and baseball. If you are not familiar, bookmakers receive money from bettors in exchange for taking bets. The bettor may wager on any outcome of an upcoming sporting event, and the bookmaker will take a percentage of the wager. Bookmakers typically offer odds which are very favorable to the bettor, creating an opportunity for large wins.

To open an account with a bookmaker, you must be 18 years old and located in an area where sports betting is legal. Once you open an account, you will immediately receive a phone call from the bookmaker with a welcome offer. The bookmaker will want to keep you as a customer, because keeping existing customers is how the business sustains itself. To keep you as a customer, they will offer you a sign-up bonus that is often associated with a welcome package. Some of the more reputable sportsbooks even give you money to bet with. This, of course, is beneficial to the betting consumer. But, it also means the bookmakers are assuming you will win, which makes it easier for them to take your wagers. Another way bookmakers keep customers is by providing valuable betting information. For example, some of the top-notch sportsbooks will provide betting lines and statistics for the majority of major sports. This makes it easier for the bettor to get an edge at the betting counter. The information is also freely available to all customers, which means you do not have to be a subscriber to use it. This makes it simpler for the general public to get in on the action.

The Money Column Means The Bookmaker Owes You Money

The money column is used to signify whether the bookmaker owes you money or not. In the example below, the bookmaker owes you money, because the two-way wager has a negative value. When you bet on the Chicago Bears and the point spread is minus one, you will win money back from the bookmaker. However, if the point spread is plus one, as it is in this case, then the bookmaker will not pay you back:

Bears +1

It is always smart to check out the money column before placing a bet. Simply look at the odds and determine whether the bookmaker is likely to pay you back or not. In general, if the odds are between 2.0 and 3.5, then the bookmaker will pay you back. If the odds are between 3.5 and 5.0, then you should expect to lose on the wager. If you do not want to risk losing your money, then it is best to stay away from betting on those odds. Even when using the maximum odds of 5.0, it is still better to avoid betting if the money column indicates you will lose. Some bookmakers, however, will give you the opportunity to make larger wagers, which is why it is always good to look at the money column on the rare occasions when you find yourself in this situation. Knowing whether or not to take a wager is always a matter of whether or not you want to risk losing or saving money. If you are feeling lucky, then you can always wager on those odds and take your chances. Just make sure you are aware of whether or not the bookmaker is willing to pay you back or eat your money.

In summary, if you are looking for an easy-to-understand explanation of betting terminology, then the money column is a simple yet effective explanation of the type offered by our expert writers at OddsNation.com. Just remember to check the money column before placing your wagers, so you can make the most effective use of the information it provides. Good luck out there.