What Does the Person Do After Betting Chips in Blackjack?

Many people are well-known for being patient and temperate, but that doesn’t exactly describe Barry Kramer. He is most known for being the guy who, after losing a hand of poker, immediately went from calm to enraged. This was most notably witnessed in the movie classics, Casino and Rounders, where he appears with Robert DeNiro and Edward Burns, among others. Barry Kramer is also the namesake of one of the most popular dice games of all time, where the goal is to mimic his famous temper. We can still see his silhouette in some places, particularly Las Vegas, where many people still quote his famous line: “I’ve been robbed! I’m going to collect my money [and] I’m going to take this guy out”.

It isn’t just poker, either. Kramer was an aggressive bettor in sports betting and an even more aggressive player in roulette and blackjack. If someone got in his way, he would swing his arm like a baseball bat and give them a piece of his mind. If they were lucky enough to escape without serious injury, he would continue to berate them until they apologized. Most people would leave the area, afraid of being on the receiving end of Barry Kramer’s wrath. He eventually mellowed out over the years and became an even more passive presence in Las Vegas. Nowadays, he mostly exists as a comedy legend and an inspirational character to younger players, who might still want to emulate his aggressive style.

Despite his explosive temper, Kramer was an intelligent man who truly enjoyed life. He was well-known for being a gourmet cook and a good-natured barber who would give anyone a haircut for free. Perhaps his most well-known hobby was collecting and hoarding comic books, which he eventually donated to the Smithsonian Institution. He also enjoyed a drink now and then, especially scotch or bourbon, and was known to be a generous, albeit crazy, poker player. If you’re ever in Las Vegas, you can still see his massive collection of vintage comic books at the Las Vegas Strip._

How Does Barry Kramer Fit in Society?

When it comes to gambling, many people consider it a vice. Even those who enjoy a game or two sometimes see it as a sign of addiction. This is definitely not the case with Kramer. He was well-known for being a responsible gambler who would never let his addiction to poker overcome his common sense. Besides, he was also a very caring person who looked out for his friends with their gambling addiction. Some people might even say that Kramer was too responsible, considering what eventually happened to him. It was this sense of responsibility that caused his problems in the first place. He felt that it was his duty to protect his friends from the financial dangers of gambling.

Despite his well-deserved reputation as a responsible and honest man, Barry Kramer didn’t always fit in perfectly with society. He was known to be generous towards a fault and had a temper that could explode at any given moment. This sometimes got him into trouble with the law, although he was never convicted of any crime. He did, however, break the law on numerous occasions and was often the subject of police raids. The issue that caused his problems with the law was his constant hunching over the tables, trying to get a lucky roll on the punt. The police would eventually give up chasing after him, realizing that he was just trying to have some fun and wasn’t hurting anyone. Fun? Yes, that’s what Barry Kramer considered gambling. It wasn’t like he was taking anything seriously. He was just there to have some fun.

Is Barry Kramer A Role Model For Younger Players?

There are many different ways that Barry Kramer’s story can serve as a role model for younger players. First off, like most people his age, he enjoyed playing poker and other games of chance for fun. Instead of chasing the wins, he was more concerned with having a good time with his friends and family. This is an attitude that younger players can embrace and follow. Next, despite his explosive temper and occasional aggressiveness, Kramer was a generally kind and generous man who wanted to help others. If he saw someone who was struggling, he would certainly try to offer them a helping hand – which could, of course, lead him into conflict with the law. However, if he didn’t see anyone who needed help, he wouldn’t hassle anyone either. Instead, he would focus on having fun and being with his friends. Finally, because of his love for vintage comic books, it is obvious that Kramer was a huge nerd and a role model for anyone who loves comics. Like most people his age, he grew up loving comics and looking at them as a way to escape from reality for a little while. This is exactly what drew many people to him in the first place and helped make him a role model for anyone who loves comics. He is often cited as the inspiration for the fictional character of Ben “The King” Kirby from the animated series, King of the Hill. Kirby is a contemporary of Kramer’s and was inspired by his love of comics. This is why many consider Kramer to be the founding father of King of the Hill.


From the moment that he was first portrayed on-screen, Barry Kramer has been an inspiration to countless people. It wasn’t just because of his explosive temper or love for vintage comic books. His unique story of how he managed to overcome his issues with addiction and aggression is something that people can relate to. This is why he still serves as a role model to anyone who is trying to improve their lives or the lives of those around them. It might seem like a tall order, but Barry Kramer’s life story shows that it is certainly possible to turn your life around. If you’re ever in Las Vegas, make sure to check out his barber shop on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Desert Inn Road, where he still cuts hair to this day. Perhaps it is time for you to visit Las Vegas and see if the city that made Kramer famous still has that magnetic pull on you. If so, it would be wise to go there and see Barry Kramer for yourself. He won’t bite. He’ll probably still bop you on the head with his cane, however.