What Does Total Bases Mean in Baseball Betting?

Some baseball fans might argue that the most exciting part of a game is when the players are involved in an at-bat. However, few would argue that the moment of reckoning is even more exciting – when the game ends and the player is declared the winner. As a baseball fan who follows numerous games each season, I can tell you that this moment is often preceded by a lot of drama and excitement that is reflected in the betting markets. With several minutes left in the game and the score near even, you might consider wagering on the winner of the game to be over because, well, the game is still too close to call. This is when most people start wondering what total bases means in baseball betting. Let’s take a look – and find out if you’re ever really sure who wins until the last out is recorded.

What Is Total Bases?

Total bases is simply the total number of bases a player scores on during a game. The concept is pretty basic, but it still comes up and surprises people who are new to the sport. Just a few weeks ago, the Philadelphia Phillies’ Rhys Hoskins hit a walk-off home run in the final game of the season, ending the team’s nine-year playoff drought. During the game, Hoskins reached base safely via a walk, a hit by pitch, and a single, bringing him to three bases. He scored once, making him the 13th rookie in major league history to reach base four times in a game. Since his team was already ahead by three runs in the ninth inning, the bettor who placed a bet on Hoskins to start the game won 60% of his wager.

On the other hand, the Atlanta Braves’ Ronald Acuña Jr. had a much more difficult time reaching base. He walked four times and was hit by a pitch six times in a game this past summer, totaling 20 bases on which he could have scored if he maintained an average batting line. With less than two minutes left in the game and the score still close, a bettor who placed a bet on Acuña to start the game would have lost his wager since that is the type of scenario in which the Braves’ slugger finds trouble getting to base more often than not. Despite these losses, you should always look at the total bases column in baseball betting to get an idea of how well a player performed that evening. It will never fail to amaze bettors how many bases a player can reach when the game is on the line.

Why Are Bases Important?

To put it simply, bases are the key to winning and losing in baseball. When a batter reaches base safely, that is usually a sign that the pitcher has done his job and the opposite is generally true. With runners on base, a hitter has an advantage as well. A run to begin with and more bases mean more runs – and vice versa. When a team is up by a few runs in the ninth inning, they may decide to play for safety instead of trying for one more out. This is why it is crucial to know how many bases a player has when the game is close, especially in the later innings. If you have a team that always scores a lot of runs, predicting wins and losses can be rather easy – all you need is a good track record and some inside information. Otherwise, predicting whether or not a player will reach base often enough to score can be rather difficult. The same is often said about gambling on baseball. As you may imagine, just like any other sport, a little knowledge can go a long way in baseball betting. Knowing how many bases a player has can make or break your success as a bettor. If you want to make a good living at it, you will need to know the significance of total bases in baseball.

How Is Total Bases Calculated?

The total bases column in baseball will be updated and show the final number of bases a player scores during the game. However, for decades, the number of bases a player reached during a game was simply determined by manually counting them. A lot of time would go by and players would reach base via several improbable hits or a walk, making it hard to keep track of what happened. The advent of the computer and online scorekeeping made keeping track of this column much easier, allowing for more accurate scores to be recorded. Today, if you want to learn more about total bases in baseball, you can simply click here to be taken to the wagering section of mybetting.com, otherwise known as mybets.com. From there, you will simply need to locate the game you are interested in and find the total bases column, which will be updated as the game progresses. This is usually the first place to check after a game, as you want to make sure that the scores you are seeing are correct and that your wagers paid off. Many times, discrepancies arise between what the manual counts and what the online system shows and, as a result, you could be in for some pretty big surprises if you aren’t careful.

Top MLB Stars With the Most Total Bases

With so much focus on who wins and loses games on the field, it is no wonder that everyone is always curious about how many bases a player reaches. Since we mentioned above that knowing how many bases a player has can make or break your success as a bettor, let’s take a look at the top MLB stars with the most total bases as of September 30th, 2020.

The table below lists the top MLB stars with the most total bases as of September 30th, 2020, as well as some relevant information about each player, including their batting average, walk rate, and home run totals for the 2020 season. Just a few of these players could become truly great wagering options for the upcoming season and, as long as you know how to spot them, you will be able to profit from this eagerness to bet on baseball.

J.D. Martinez

One of the best power hitters in the game today, J.D. Martinez has put up some remarkable numbers over the past few seasons. The 40-year-old veteran is coming off of a season in which he posted an amazing.283 batting average with 41 home runs and 119 RBIs. While his average may not jump up at you right away, he most certainly proved himself to be a great all-around hitter last year and someone to keep an eye on in 2021.

Charlie Morton

Perhaps the biggest revelation of the 2020 season was Charlie Morton. The 39-year-old right-hander pitched for the Tampa Bay Rays in 2019 and posted an incredible 3.86 ERA with 12 wins and four losses. In his first season with the Rays, Morton’s walk rate dropped by 40% and his strikeout rate increased by 22%. He continued to improve in the second half of the season and finished with a 3.77 ERA. The 12-win season made Morton one of the biggest stories of the 2020 MLB season and one of the best underdogs to win the MVP award. While it is never easy predicting how a pitcher will perform in his first year with a new team, Morton proved that all it takes is guts and determination to succeed. While most consider him a long shot to win the MVP award, I believe that fans are going to witness something special from Morton in 2021.

Morton will be one of the most interesting names on this list, as his performance will be one of the main factors in whether or not you make a profit off of him in 2021. If you are looking to back a pitcher who is more of a sure thing, look no further than Joe Biagini. This year, the Blue Jays’ right-hander pitched in 16 games (12 starts) before being shut down due to blister issues. He finished the season with a 4.02 ERA and 1.32 WHIP. While he had a lot of problems last year, he does not pose much of a threat to win the award in 2021.

Albert Pujols

Still one of the greatest hitters of all time, Albert Pujols decided to play a little bit of catch up with the rest of the MLB last year. The 43-year-old spent the season with the Angels and batted.261 with 21 home runs and 70 RBIs. While his numbers may not seem too exciting, Pujols was sidelined for most of the season due to a foot injury. In 2020, Albert looked like the hitter he is still capable of being and posted a.279 batting average with five home runs and 21 RBIs in his first five games before the injury. He is still the ultimate bargain for those who want to gamble on baseball, as he is still owned by the Cardinals and only has to play two more seasons there. In my opinion, the Pujols train continues to roll, as he is still one of the best players in baseball and a great value for those who want to bet on his stats.