What Does WDW Mean in Betting?

Most people will tell you that Walt Disney World (WDW) is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. And they would not be wrong. WDW is a 5-star resort that offers plenty of attractions and activities for guests to enjoy. If you are visiting the parks during an off-season, you will find it rather quiet and less crowded. Spring and summer are the best times to visit WDW, as there will be more people around and the parks will be overflowing with kids having fun and adults taking a break from their busy schedules. 

WDW is such a popular destination for families that the phrase “children’s clothing” has been used to describe the types of items sold at the resort. Typically, these are T-shirts with images of Disney characters or themed food, such as cupcakes, pancakes, or ice cream. Some families will even buy a whole outfit for their children, including shirts, pants, and shoes. 

But what does WDW stand for? And more importantly, how does it affect your gambling interests? Let’s look at the definitions and then see how they apply to sports betting. 

Walt Disney World Resort 

The term “resort” can be used to describe a variety of vacation spots, from luxurious hotels with beaches to traditional campgrounds. To put it simply, a resort is any destination that provides a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, whether it’s in the middle of a heavily populated city or a remote and secluded location. 

The Walt Disney World Resort is, in fact, a collection of four separate and distinct destinations, each with its own theme and vibe: 

  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Epcot
  • Lake Buena Vista

The four parks are connected by a series of monorails and other vehicles, as well as an elaborate network of “hubs,” or transportation hubs. These are similar to airport hubs, only instead of connecting flights, they serve as connections to the four individual Disney Parks. 

As a visitor to the Walt Disney World Resort, you will notice that attractions and amenities are generally similar at all four locations. But despite their shared theme, there is plenty of variety. You’ll often see families having fun at the kids’ play areas or eating at the resort restaurants, while other guests are attending character-themed parades and taking pictures at the theme parks. No matter what you do at the Walt Disney World Resort, you will find it entertaining and enjoyable. 

Walt Disney World Park 

The Walt Disney World Park is the part of WDW that opened in 1971 and is the first of the four parks to greet you as you enter the resort. It is also the smallest of the four and the one that most people will actually visit. The park is themed after Disney’s animated classic “Frozen.” It is filled with family-friendly attractions, such as snow-covered castles and ice-cream vendors. 

Along with its sister parks, the Disney World Park is probably the most popular with children. There are plenty of rides and attractions for the little ones, as well as character dining experiences and even a kid-friendly beer garden. 

The downside to the Walt Disney World Park is that it will only take you so far. Once you’ve exhausted the rides, you will find that there is little left to do. If you are looking for a bigger thrill, you can make a beeline for the next destination, which is more than likely going to be a theme park. However, that will probably be more than you can handle, as these parks can get pretty crowded. 

Magic Kingdom Park 

Walt Disney World’s “Magic Kingdom” is the second park and is the biggest and most popular of the four. It was originally built for the 18th anniversary of Walt Disney’s company in 1968 and originally had 16 attractions and restaurants. Today, there are plenty of rides and attractions for adults as well as children and even some unique shopping experiences. 

The Magic Kingdom was the very first Disney theme park and continues to be the star of the show whenever Disney World is mentioned. The downside is that it is rather large and, depending on how long you are staying, it may be rather exhausting to visit. In particular, the walk from one of the resorts to the Magic Kingdom will take about an hour and a half. While it is a great park for experiencing the magic of Disney, it is not the best for those who are looking for a relaxing vacation. 

Hollywood Studios Park 

The third park, “Hollywood Studios,” opened in 1989 and is named after Hollywood, Florida. This is the park that is filled with famous movie studios, backdrops, and landmarks. It’s also where you will find the famous Studio D, where the great Disney animator Ub Iwerks was born. This is also the park that was the first to feature rides that were installed at the end of 2019. 

One of the main attractions at Hollywood Studios is the brand new Toy Story Land. It is a small park inside the Hollywood Studios and is themed after Woody, Jessie, and Buzz Lightyear, the main characters from the Pixar movie “Toy Story.” It’s a must-see for anyone who is a fan of the film. There are plenty of rides and attractions that are designed to appeal to adults and children. In addition, there is the Muppet*Vision 3D, an exact replica of the film’s iconic Muppet*Vision theatre. 

The downside to Hollywood Studios is that it can be rather crowded, especially on weekends. And even though there are food trucks on hand to satisfy even the most diehard movie fan, nothing really compares to a traditional meal prepared by a professional chef. In addition, getting around the park will be difficult. There is no public transportation to nearby cities and the parking costs money. And don’t even think about trying to find a parking spot at one of the resort’s four garages, because they are all filled up. This park is best enjoyed by car or bus. 


The Walt Disney World Resort’s “Epcot” is the place to be when you are looking for an alternative to amusement parks. There are a variety of dining experiences and unique recreational activities available here. In addition, there are also plenty of rides and attractions for the younger set. 

Located in the northern part of the resort, next to the Hollywood Studios, is the Future World theme park. This is where you will find the Spaceship Earth, the iconic circle-shaped glass building that serves as the entrance to the Epcot park and as a symbol of its future vision. The building was named after the 1956 World’s Fair and its architecture and design reflect the heady ambition of that famous event. 

Walt Disney’s original idea for Epcot was to create a “project” for children, akin to a grown-up playground. Most of the attractions at Epcot are family-friendly. There are a total of six themed “worlds” in all, including Future World connected to the rest of the resort via a monorail. 

The downside to Epcot is that it can get very crowded during peak periods. This is mainly because there are not that many restaurants and eateries in this area, so you will have to eat out a lot to satisfy your hunger. And what is food compared to attractions, especially when you are at a theme park? You will also have to walk a lot to get around because the resort is quite large. Since Epcot is quite a bit removed from the other three parks, it won’t be easy to get to them using public transportation from Disney World. This is not a bad thing, though. You will enjoy the walk, as you will be seeing new things all the time. And who knows? Perhaps you will even run into one of your favorite Disney animated characters along the way! 

Lake Buena Vista 

The largest of the four parks is the Lake Buena Vista, which opened in 2018. This is the part of WDW that is most distant from the other parks and it is the one that draws the longest walks. And what’s the most important thing here? You guessed it – the views! 

Unlike the other four parks, the Lake Buena Vista is a real “lake” and not just a theme park. It has waterfront properties with beaches, boat docks, and restaurants and bars. There are also a variety of hotels and resorts near by, so there is plenty of accommodation for those looking to stay overnight.