What Does Win/Place Mean for Golf Betting?

Well known sports betting enthusiast, Joe Hettler, shared his insights on the evolving state of online sportsbooks and discussed the implications for golf bettors in a recent podcast interview with the Real Money Gaming portal. You can listen to the entire podcast here. Below we’ve included a summary of some of his key comments.

The Evolution Of Online Sportsbooks

Over the years, we’ve seen an increase in mobile betting apps and the like, which allow gamblers to place bets from anywhere. However, the internet also brought about a sea change in the way sportsbooks operate. Before the advent of the World Wide Web, sportsbooks were limited by the speed of their internet connections and the size of their memory. Now that restrictions no longer apply, online bookmakers have been able to evolve and improve their products and services to take advantage of the increased demand.

Mobile bookmakers and the like have been able to flourish, due in part to the way that Apple and Google handle app store approvals. In order to keep their apps up to date with the latest versions, bookmakers have to keep paying for app store revocations and upgrades. As a result, mobile bookmakers have been able to keep their products fresh and improved while also allowing them to expand into new market segments and geographies. These companies also have the advantage of operating worldwide, which provides them with a huge potential customer base behind the scenes. Without the approval processes that exist for apps in the Apple and Google app stores, it would be difficult for a smaller sportsbook to survive since most of their customers would probably live outside of the United States. The approval process is also what allows smaller sportsbooks to stay in business, as it prevents large corporate entities from entering the market and undercutting the prices of the smaller startups. Without that approval process, it’s possible that the smaller sportsbooks would be driven out of business, as customers would have no option but to go with the big boys.

Key Takeaways

The above overview makes for some pretty fascinating reading. If you’re a golf bettor, you might want to give it a quick skim to see what else can possibly be useful for you.

One important thing to keep in mind is that, although mobile betting and the like have greatly increased the accessibility of betting, the World Wide Web has also led to a rise in the number of people who are researching sports and betting online. This is something that didn’t even exist when the World Wide Web was first launched nearly two decades ago. Back in those days, most people only used fax machines to send documents and letters, and most bookmakers and the like operated out of physical locations, with limited access to the internet. Nowadays, with a little effort, you can be sure that anyone researching online whether it’s golf betting or sports betting, will come across your website or social media pages, whether you exist or not, whether you’re for or against something.

That being said, the evolution of the World Wide Web has helped create a better environment for sports bettors, as well. It’s made things like researching games and odds easier and more accessible. With more people researching and learning about sports and betting, it makes perfect sense that the next step would be for them to place a bet or two. The fact that the internet made it possible for people to do this from the comfort of their homes, rather than have to go to a bookmaker’s office to place a wager, makes for a much more convenient and accessible option for today’s bettors. With a little effort, anyone can become a sportsbook customer and place a few bets, either online or via an app, without leaving the comfort of their homes.

If you’re a serious sports bettor, you might want to consider setting up an account with one of the many online sportsbooks, like BetOnline or Bet365. Since these companies have been around for a while and have established themselves in the sports betting world, they know what they’re doing and can provide a safe and trusted platform for sports fans to place their bets.