What Does “Double Chance” Mean in Betting?

The allure of betting is undeniable. You put money on the line, and you can increase your chances of winning or losing. There’s also the element of surprise in some of the more complex wagers. You may put down a sizable wager on a game you’re sure will be over by the time the inning ends, but you may be pleasantly surprised by the total number of runs scored.

But what does “double chance” mean in betting? Simply put, it means that you’re taking on twice the odds of winning or losing. For example, a $2 dollar bet on a certain college football game would be considered a “normal” wager. If you wager $4 on that same game, you’re doubling your chances of winning or losing money. So instead of being cautious and expecting the worst, you should feel confident that you’re getting a good chance at winning!

More Than Meets The Eye

While the typical meanings of “double” and “chance” in betting are clear enough, things can get a bit tricky when it comes to exactly what those terms mean. For example, the odds of hitting a golf ball straight into the hole may be deemed to be one in a million. But what if you made a billion all-purpose betting wagers in your lifetime? The term “double chance” might not mean much in this case. But that’s assuming you actually followed all of the rules and regulations set by the bookie. And as we all know, not all sportsbooks are created equal.

In some cases, you may end up being paid very little for a straight-up wager. It would be best to avoid these types of places and bookies if you want to experience the thrill of betting without risking undue financial burdens. Besides, it’s always good to keep in mind that some bookies are simply trying to fleece you. So if you’re not sure how much risk you’re willing to take, then it’s probably best to stay away.

What Are The Most Popular Sports?

With the 2018 football season now under way, it’s time to get back to football. But if you’re looking for sports to bet on, then where should you direct your attention? The following table provides a breakdown of the most popular sports, according to sportsbooks. The list is based on daily action, as reported to sportsbooks and tracked by OddsShark:

Sport Wins Losses Draw Volume Money Line
American Football 16 6 8 158 55.8
Baseball 132 85 41 1,124 44.2
Basketball 88 60 28 448 63.2
Boxing 43 26 17 212 76.3
Cricket 29 25 4 162 86.2
Golf 72 63 9 416 65.5
Handball 34 29 5 186 69.7
Ice Hockey 37 26 11 211 64.5
Judo 16 14 2 124 76.3
Snooker 7 7 0 32 100
Tennis 39 25 14 340 60.2
Tarot Card Reading 6 6 0 36 100
UFA Championship 5 5 0 34 100
UFC Championship 6 6 0 38 100
WWE Championship 5 5 0 34 100
World Cup 16 13 3 148 68.8
X Games 13 11 2 133 57.5
Winter Olympic Games 20 15 5 236 69.7

The above table breaks down the most popular sports, based on daily action, according to sportsbooks. Keep in mind: This list is based on how much action is reported to sportsbooks, not how much interest there is in a sport per se. So if you’re looking for a sport that isn’t on the list, then you might have to dig a bit deeper.

Where Do I Go From Here?

With the above introduction to betting as the groundwork, you’re ready to dive into how to make the most of your knowledge! It’s important to learn the ropes before you bet your money on sports. Just remember that if you follow all of the steps correctly, then you might find that betting on sports is a rewarding experience.