What’s the +1.5, O/U 44.0 in Betting Mean?

For years, the line between the US and Canadian sportsbooks has been blurred – with many books offering “live” betting on events such as football, hockey and basketball between the two countries. The spread between US and Canadian sportsbooks continues to shrink, however, and recently, a couple of online gambling companies have opened offices in both countries, which has made a mockery of national boundaries when it comes to bet placement.

Which Country Has the Best Odds?

Many sports enthusiasts in both countries now have the chance to place bets on their favorite teams and players through online betting companies. What’s interesting is that the spreads are often quite competitive, even at smaller venues. This means that Canadians and US residents can now essentially bet on live events, albeit remotely, with many sportsbooks offering odds that are quite competitive.

Is Professional Sports Betting Legal?

Unfortunately, yes. US law enforcement agencies, aware of the popularity of sports betting among sports enthusiasts, have decided to target those who they believe are flouting the law. This usually means that individuals who are residents of states where sports betting is illegal are attempting to take advantage of this fact and bet on sporting events where they don’t have to abide by the regulations imposed by the sports governing bodies.

For instance, let’s say you reside in New York State and you would like to bet on the Yankees during one of their games this upcoming season. You could search for NY sportsbooks to find the best odds offered on the Yankees, or you could place a bet on them through a Canadian or offshore sportsbook. In most cases, you will discover that the spread is significantly wider at Canadian or offshore sportsbooks as compared to books in New York State. This is because the betting limits are generally lower at these venues and the margins of error are often smaller as well. So, if you get an oddsmaker’s name wrong, you could find yourself worse positioned than you would be otherwise. Know that when it comes to legal betting, none of this matters. You are obligated to abide by the laws of the land where you reside, regardless of whether you are located in a state where sports betting is legal or illegal. In either case, you could find yourself in legal trouble if you are mistaken for breaking the law.

What’s the Best Time to Bet On Professional Sports?

Generally speaking, the best time to bet on professional sports is prior to the start of the season. This is because unlike most other major sports (such as football or basketball), odds are usually fairly stable and don’t change much throughout the year. One of the primary exceptions is the Super Bowl, which sees a sharp rise in bets as the event gets closer. Also, during training camps, which usually begin in the summer and run through the entire season, there’s a lot of hype surrounding team performance and the preseason games, in particular, are highly anticipated. This means that you could find considerable variance in the odds, depending on whether you’re betting on football, basketball, soccer or another game.

On the other hand, as the season approaches its end, interest in the major sports begins to decline and this is when you should look to unload your accumulated wagers. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a bit of a pickle, as books might close down, taking any winnings with them, and you’ll be left with nowhere to bet. One important thing to keep in mind is that just because the season is over at the professional level doesn’t mean it’s time to take a break from betting. Many books host weekly lotteries and other forms of poker games for customers to enjoy and this is one way of continuing to generate revenue, even after the official end to the sports year. In some cases, these weekly games are the only form of gambling that some books still offer, even though they may also take bets on the major sporting events throughout the year. Many people who enjoy poker also enjoy the excitement of betting, so it’s not like you’re missing out on anything by playing along!

What’s the Difference Between Books, Online and Mobile Sportsbooks?

As mentioned above, over the past few years, the line between the US and Canadian sportsbooks has been blurred and this has made a difference in how the industry functions. Canadian and offshore sportsbooks have adapted to the modern era by making use of the internet and the growth of smart devices, which have allowed them to provide customers with a more accessible, online betting experience. Mobile sportsbooks have also made it possible for individuals to wager on their favorite teams and players from the convenience of their home, wherever that may be.

For years, one of the major drawbacks of accessing sportsbooks through traditional means—visiting an office or a storefront—was that you couldn’t do much else while you were there. You either placed a bet or you waited for the counter clerk to process your wager, which could take a while if the betting line was particularly competitive. Now, with many books offering the ability to access their platforms from anywhere, 24/7, through mobile phones, computers or tablets, customers can leave reviews, check the status of their bets and even chat with the book’s experts, if they so desire. This level of convenience has made a significant difference in the way sports are viewed by consumers and it continues to evolve.