What Is +120 Betting and Why Should You Care?

So you want to bet on the NBA season? You might have tried making a few lucky guesses at the right horses in the right races, or you might have just stuck to the traditional sports betting, but there’s a whole lot more to betting than simply placing wagers on the outcomes of sporting events. If you’re looking to expand your horizons and try a new sport or pastime, then you might want to check out +120 betting, also known as ‘Japanese Betting’, which is becoming increasingly accessible to Westerners thanks to the growth of online sportsbooks. Here’s a quick primer on what exactly is +120 betting and why you should care.

The Basics

+120 betting is played against the odds and is considered a high-risk, high-reward wager. Before you dive in and make your first bet on the Tokyo Game Night, it’s important to understand a few things about this game and its participants. First and foremost, +120 betting is a game that’s designed for Japanese people and is played exclusively in Japanese online casinos. Additionally, this game uses a unique betting format that employs two dice, one with 12 symbols and the other with 20 symbols. When you roll both dice, you’re given the option to wager on basketball, baseball, soccer, or other events taking place in Japan.

Dice And Roll The Bones

Let’s take a quick look at how Japanese games work. To start, the symbols on the dice represent various teams, players, and icons from Japanese culture. So, you’ll often see yakitori (grilled chicken), sushi, sumo wrestlers, and even a geisha alongside the numbers three, seven, and eight, which stand for San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles, respectively, in the US NBA standings. Before you begin betting, you’re given the option to choose which team you wish to bet on, and the betting screen then gives you a rundown of the current standings for that team.

The point of the game is to predict the outcome of a series of binary choices, also known as ‘head to heads’. For instance, let’s say you chose Golden State as your team and bet $10 on them to win. Now, if they were to win their next four games, then you would win $120. If they were to lose any one of their five games, then you would owe that same $10 plus an additional $110, for a total of $210. This type of wagering adds an element of skill to the game because you have to make the right choices while also understanding the quirks of the Japanese obsession with numbers.

Pro Tips

There are a few things you can do to make your +120 (or Japanese) betting experience a bit easier. First, you can use the ‘Auto Roll’ feature, which lets you click a button to have the dice rolled for you. This can help remove the element of luck from the equation. Second, you may want to set a budget and stick to it, especially if you’re a newbie. Japanese sportsbooks don’t take kindly to frequent, excessive bettors and will gladly take your money and cut you off if you go over your limit. You can also set limits on how much you’re willing to wager per day, how much you’re willing to wager per week, and how much you’re willing to lose per day. When you reach your daily limit, you’ll be locked out of making further bets for the day. Third, make sure you deposit your money into a reputable, quality casino and use the same username and password for all of your online accounts. Doing this assures you that your personal and financial information will be safe and secure.

The History

+120 betting is a fairly new game, having only been around for a few years. However, it has quickly become popular and some consider it to be the ‘Japanese version’ of Blackjack. As the name would suggest, this game is played almost exclusively in Japanese casinos and online sportsbooks. It is also referred to as ‘Japanese Roulette’, ‘Blackjack’, and ‘Keno’. It is a game of chance that involves using your instinct and skill to choose the right numbers while also keeping an eye on the odds to make sure you’re not being cheated. The history of this game is interesting because it was initially designed to be played with just paper money, but more recently, it has been accepted and legalized for use with digital currency in casinos and online sportsbooks across the globe.

While the name might suggest that this game is only played in Japan, the truth is that you can find online casinos that offer it worldwide. If you’re looking to give it a try, then be sure to check out the FAQs (frequently asked questions) section of the site to get the scoop on how the game works and how to play it.

To wrap up, you should note that this article is not meant to be a complete primer on +120 betting but rather a short outline of what is involved in this fascinating game. If you’re interested in trying out this exciting new wagering option, then be sure to check out the information presented here along with the various online casinos that offer this game. With the right guidance, you should have no trouble understanding the ins and outs of +120 betting and how to play it. Good luck out there!