What is 3Bet? Poker Basics for Beginners

3Bet is one of the most popular poker rooms in the world, thanks to its simplistic rules and amazing bonuses. The site is owned by BetLogic, a company that was famously founded by the ‘house’ Steve Wynn. 3Bet is most well-known for its tournaments, which feature enormous prize pools. These tournaments are some of the most popular events in all of poker, attracting some of the biggest names in the game. Most notably, the Room For Improvement series held by 3Bet is one of the biggest annual tournaments in the world. Here’s a beginner’s guide to poker at 3Bet.

The History of 3Bet

It wasn’t always called 3Bet. Back in 2009, a different poker room called GoldenPalace.com merged with Paddy Power Poker, forming a new entity called Spin Palace. GoldenPalace.com is best known for its All-Stars series, which originally started as a six-player sit-and-grapple that was later expanded to seven players. In 2011, the name of the series was changed to the more professional-sounding Room for Improvement. Even before that change, the Room for Improvement series was already attracting some big names in the game. In 2015, Spin Palace merged with BetLogic, and 3Bet was born. The first iteration of 3Bet existed only as a website and used a simple ruleset that allowed for only a couple of betting rounds before settling to a showdown. Although, it wasn’t until June 2019 that 3Bet made its debut as a poker app, which is now available on both iOS and Android devices. On the App Store, the game is titled Three Bet, and on the Google Play Store it’s simply called Three Bet.

The 3Bet Poker Experience

Compared to other poker rooms, 3Bet is extremely beginner-friendly. The site features some of the most renowned poker pro’s in the world, so even if you’re just learning the game, it’s expected that you’ll be able to pick up on the basics quickly. The most important thing for new players to keep in mind is to have fun. Even if you’re not the best player in the world, you’ll have a chance to compete for some incredible prizes just for having a good time. For instance, the $25,000 Ladies Night 2K Tournament at 3Bet is one of the biggest and most prestigious annual tournaments in the game. In 2019 alone, this event had over $750,000 in prize money. Not bad for a room that started out as a mere website in 2009 and grew into one of the biggest poker rooms in the world overnight.

Which Poker Devices Works Well at 3Bet?

The simple answer is: all of them. When it comes to online poker, bigger usually equals better. If you have a larger screen, you’ll be able to display more cards and follow the action more easily. The smaller the screen, the more crowded it tends to get. If you’ve ever attended an online poker tournament, you’ll know exactly what I mean. The bigger the device, the better, especially if you want to enjoy the action comfortably. Aside from larger screens, the other factor that contributes to a good poker experience at 3Bet is low latency. Anything above 100ms is considered ‘good’, and anything below 90ms is considered ‘excellent’. The less time it takes for the site’s games to register on your end, the better. In most cases, this is all that you need to ensure that you have a good time playing poker on the go. When it comes to mobile devices specifically, the speed at which they operate is a major factor in whether or not you enjoy the experience. If you’re using an Apple device, you’ll have no problems running the game smoothly. On the other hand, if you’re using a Google Pixel, you’ll likely experience some hiccups or slowdowns. This is why it is best to play on smaller devices if you’re using an Android phone.

The Basic Economics of Poker

Poker is a game that requires a certain level of skill to play successfully, but the basics of the game are completely economic. The more you know about economics, the better you’ll be able to play poker. To put it simply, for every $100 you bet, you’ll win $100. This is a fairly standard line of play, but it’s also known as ‘low-stakes’, or simply ‘bets’. At higher stakes, the house edge increases dramatically, making it virtually impossible to win money. This is why experts suggest playing at low stakes, ensuring that the house edge doesn’t become too much to overcome. The following table shows how the house edge varies by stakes and the amount of money you have to wager:

Table 1: The House Edge Varies By Stakes

The best way to understand the house edge is to examine it in context. Take the example of a $1 wager. At this point, the house edge is already at 66.6%, making you lose $1.66 every time you bet. If you continue to bet $100, you’ll eventually end up in a $16.66 loss because the house edge rises as the stakes increase. Now, if you switch to a $5 wager, the house edge is at 40%, which is still fairly high, but it’s a much more palatable number. The same applies to $20 and $40 wagers. Keep in mind: the house edge will always be higher at higher stakes, and it will be more than enough to counteract your wager. The following table shows the house edge and typical amounts wagered at varying stakes:

If you know how to play poker and understand the theory behind it, you’ll be able to apply this knowledge to win money at almost any table. The key takeaway here is that no matter what stake you choose, the house always wins. Don’t expect to come out ahead by playing high-roller above your limit. This will only lead you to ruin. Always play within your limits and only bet what you can afford to lose.

Poker Strategy

One of the reasons why poker is such a popular game is because of its simplicity. There are only a few basic strategies that you need to learn in order to be able to play successfully. The first is to bluff. Bluffing isn’t a tactic that you’d normally use in everyday life, but in poker it’s one of the most efficient ways to win. The idea is to act as if you have more confidence than you actually possess. For instance, if you’re holding a pair of aces and the opponent has a pair of kings, you should bet big because you think that they have a pair of 10s or 20s. Your opponent will then fold, and you’ll win the pot without having to show your cards. This is why poker is often referred to as ‘the science of cheating at cards’. The second most basic strategy is to play according to your strengths and weaknesses. If you have a clear understanding of your own and other players’ hands, you’ll be able to choose the right pot to enter and leave at the right times. For instance, if you’re proficient at holding your cards close to your chest, you might want to avoid playing against someone with great hand visibility because they’ll have the upper hand all game long. The third and final strategy is to keep an eye on the big picture. Even if you have the best of hands, you won’t be able to beat the dealer or the house if you continually lose sight of the fact that you’re playing against intelligent opponents who are analyzing your every move. For the best experience, you should choose a screen size that allows you to keep all the information in view at all times. This is especially important if you’re playing on mobile devices, as screens get smaller and smaller, making it harder to keep track of all the hands as they’re being dealt.

Poker isn’t as easy as it looks. In order to play successfully, you have to learn and practice the game’s basics. Once you know how to play, you can apply this knowledge to win money at almost any table. If you’re able to understand and apply the concepts discussed in this article, you’ll have no trouble mastering the fundamentals of poker. Good luck out there!